Creating Your Own Reality

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My experiences and research have led me to believe that visualization techniques really work and you can change your reality. Here we review why visualization works and various techniques for using it to reach your goals.
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What this book is all about

There are a lot of books written on the topic of visualization. Mine is a little different.

As an engineer and experiencer of many paranormal events I’ve got a different perspective enabled by my research and experience.

There are many subjects I’ve studied that indicate that the mind really can affect our reality.

In this book I will review why my research and experience says that visualization really works and some lessons on how to do it.

The Reality we live in is much more malleable than we think and so why not set our goals and purposes to get that reality to work the way we want it?

Techniques included in this book include various visualization techniques and building your own vision board.

The Universe and God

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction   
2.0 The History of Creative Visualization   
3.0 My Experience Visualizing an Outcome   
4.0 The Paranormal and Research on Reality   
4.1 Planning a Trip to Spain   
4.2 Sir Victor Goddard   
4.3 Gadianton Canyon   
5.0 Reasons Visualization Does Not Work   
6.0 Results You Can Get   
7.0 Commitment and Dedication   
8.0 Some Guided Visualization Exercises   
8.1 Visualize Your Dream House   
8.2 Visualize Your Ideal Weight   
8.3 Self-Esteem Visualization   
9.0 Create a Vision Board   
10.0 Summary   
11.0 Bibliography   

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