Visiting Many Universes 

Product Summary
How many Universes are there? And how can the properties of those places be different than each other? An incredible journey through places beyond our Ken and worlds you may never have thought about.


Visiting Many Universes

Follow Jason’s life into experiencing many Universes as he becomes the richest man in the Solar System then leads a colonization expedition to find incredible things in the cosmos.

His trip proved to be much more exciting than planned when the star drive is sabotaged and the ship ends up in a series of different Universes. The ship’s crew learns how to navigate many different Universes and meet some God like aliens.

They also meet a Universe spanning civilization and many more Universes of strange existences. How many Universes exist and what might they be like? 

Table Of Contents

2.0    Preface   
3.0    Growing up in 2250 A.D.   
4.0 Jason’s Teenage Years   
5.0 Starting a Business   
6.0 Travel to Ceres   
7.0 Mining the Belt   
8.0 A Big Find   
9.0 Pirates Attack   
10.0 Getting out Mining Again   
11.0 What did Jason Find?   
12.0 Learning about Alien Tech   
13.0 How to Make Money   
14.0 Researching new Technologies   
15.0 Expansion and Null Gravity   
16.0 Setting New Goals   
17.0 Building an Interstellar Ship   
18.0 One Year of the Project   
19.0 The FTL Drive   
20.0 Five Years into Construction   
21.0 The Project Becomes Public   
22.0 Launch and Testing   
23.0 Humanity’s First Interstellar Journey   
24.0 Alpha Centauri A-New Tahiti   
25.0 A Subspace Disaster   
26.0 In a Different Universe   
27.0 Universe Number Three   
28.0 Universe Four-Super Intelligence   
29.0 Super Advanced Aliens   
30.0 The Universe’s Mall   
31.0 More visits to the World Mall   
32.0 Mining in Metals Universes   
33.0 Alien Buying Decisions   
34.0 The Shangri La Colony   
35.0 The Paranormal Universe   
36.0 A Much Older Universe   
37.0 A Universal Civilization   
38.0 The Golden Hind Returns Home   
39.0 Saving Humanity   
40.0 Time Travel to the Past   
41.0 Changing the Time Stream   
42.0 Moving to a new Universe
43.0 A New Start for Humanity   
44.0 New Start at Year One Hundred   
45.0 New Start at Year One Thousand   
46.0 More Jumps into the Future   
47.0 One Million years in the Future   
48.0 The Far Future   

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