Unidentified Submerged Objects and Underwater Bases 

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Sightings of UFOs over water, and in the Oceans around the world. Also possible sites of underwater bases.

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Possible Underwater Alien Base on the Sea Floor--Malibu, California

What this book is all about

There are many books on UFOs and Aliens but most are in the air or over the land.

 However, you might not be aware that there are also many UFO sightings underwater, or over water.

 There are even some strong claims of UFO and/or Alien bases underwater.

 Over 71% of the surface of the Earth is covered in water, much of which is in the Earth’s Oceans. So it makes sense that Aliens visiting Earth would hide in the water or even build bases there.

 Yes—there are reports from several places of possible Aliens bases beneath the waves. This would make a sensible place to hide if you have advanced technology which will allow you to hide underwater.

 Some of the suspected underwater bases are near Malibu-California, Gulf Breeze-Florida, and the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific. There are probably a lot more submerged base locations we don’t know about all over the world.

 In this book I’ve provided as many Unidentified Submerged Object stories as I could research. I think you will find these stories very interesting.

The Table of Contents Includes many fascinating Chapters:

Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction   
2.0 Underwater Alien Bases   
2.1 Malibu, California, USA Underwater Base   
2.2 Gulf Breeze Florida, USA   
2.3 Solomon Islands Underwater Bases   
2.4 Underwater Base Off Puffin Island Wales   
2.5 UFO Base Under Lake Ontario   
2.6 Flight Corridor To Underwater Base North Island, New Zealand   
2.7 Pacific Ocean ‘Humming’ Might be USOs   
2.8 Strange Lights and Sounds In Puerto Rico   
2.9 Ancient Alien Base at Lake Titicaca   
2.10 Underwater Alien Base at Guantanamo Bay   
2.11 Increased UFO Sightings at Lake Erie Cleveland, Ohio   
2.12 Lake Baikal—Scene of an Underwater Battle with Aliens   
3.0 Unidentified Submerged Objects   
3.1 The Utsuro Bune Story   
3.2 Christopher Columbus and the light sightings   
3.3 Puerto Rico Sightings   
3.4 Japanese Fishing Boat   
3.5 Another Sighting off Puerto Rico   
3.6 Half Moon Bay, California   
3.7 Imperial Beach, California   
3.8 Nuclear Submarine Stories   
3.9 Lake Baikal, Russia   
3.10 Russian Subs and USO Battle   
3.11 UFO Crash into Water over Hawaii   
3.12 USOs at Guantanamo Base, Cuba   
3.13 Red Sphere in the Red Sea   
3.14 The Baltic Sea Anomaly   
3.15 Silver Beehive   
3.16 The Bermuda Triangle   
3.17 The Devil’s Sea   
3.18 Pyramid USOs over a Destroyer
4.0 Other Interesting Stories- The Swimmers   
5.0 Summary   
6.0 Bibliography   

Fighter USO Pictures over the Ocean

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