Out of this Universe (Science Fiction)

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A timeless story of immortality, psychic powers, and love; in an adventure spanning the length and breadth of the Universe—and further. A fun Space Opera you will enjo

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Out of this Universe

What if there were immortals guiding the Earth with an unseen hand?

What if there were also alien races inimical to mankind throughout the ages?

And what if one man was thrust into this conflict which spans time, the Universe, and beyond?

This is the story of a man who becomes immortal and lives for billions of years. He develops spiritual and psychic powers, uses them to fight an ancient alien menace, and travels the universe. The end of the story involves gods and occurs outside of our existing universe.

As a member of the immortals and adepts who watch over humanity, the main character Stephen has amazing adventures as human civilization grows throughout time and space.

There are also quite a few interlaced themes including:
  • The travel of humanity from earth to the solar system, the nearest stars, the rest of the Milky Way galaxy, and to other galaxies across the universe.
  • Progressions of technologies for space travel, to space colony ships and methods of travel advanced beyond current knowledge
  •  Love interests and Stephen’s relationship to a woman immortal who has major parts to play in the overall story.
  • The development of psychic and spiritual abilities to advanced levels which have no limit and eventually make men into gods.
  • Ancient forces pitted against each other with a resolution that goes outside Of our universe.
Overall, this story is a fun space opera and projection of the future which will create a sense of wonder and  thoughtfulness in the reader.

In writing this book I thought about all of the most fantastic sci fi stories I’ve read in my life and took a big step beyond.

A thoroughly enjoyable romp through time and space. You will be happy you read this one!
Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: My decision to be born    
Chapter 2: Learning the Impossible               
Chapter 3: Making a Difference    
Chapter 4: A Conflict in the Snow    
Chapter 5: Married Life    
Chapter 6: My Life is Destroyed    
Chapter 7: Becoming a Holy Man    
Chapter 8: I become an Immortal    
Chapter 9: Moving out into Space    
Chapter 10: Meeting other civilizations    
Chapter 11: A Government with a Mission    
Chapter 12: The Thirtieth Century    
Chapter 13: Humanity becomes Immortal    
Chapter 14: 1.5 Million Years old and Counting    
Chapter 15: One billion years later    
Chapter 16: The External Now    
Chapter 17: We create our own Universe    
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