Universal Holistic Philosophy 

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A new philosophy of scientific study to improve openmindedness, remove bias, and integrate information together to produce new paradigms and concepts
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What this book is all about

Most of us have been trained by schools and universities as to what scientific and historical truths are supposed to be. However, I maintain that much of what science and history teaches us is in error because the proponents of different points of view have too narrow an understanding of the truth that reality presents.

This narrow point of view also limits our understanding of many issues. The theory of plate tectonics is a good example. First proposed in 1915 it took fifty years to find acceptance as scientific evidence was slowly unearthed to support it.

The same thing is true with the questions being asked today about subjects like the paranormal, longevity, ancient history, and much more

I call this new view of Reality “Universal Holistic Philosophy” (UHP) based on the concept that it takes many different pieces of information from diverse subjects and viewpoints to generate real understandings of certain phenomenon.

The purpose of this book is to review some of the examples I’ve experienced to show how a Universal Holistic Approach (UHP) to different topics can generate these new understandings.

In essence Universal Holistic Philosophy (UHP) is all about combining disparate sources of information and different perspectives to generate creative and out-of-the-box conclusions and theories which may be a lot different than conventional thinking and may shed light on answers nobody has really thought about.

This book explores many of these concepts and how they came about. First we examine what are the steps to learning how to think in UHP terms. Then are the cases I’ve experienced of UHP thinking from researching and writing my books.

Holisitic Integration in Nature

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction   
2.0 Factors Needed for UHP   
2.1 Interests in the Unknown   
2.2 Science Fiction and Fantasy Are Important   
2.3 Getting a Good Education
2.4 The Importance of an Open Mind   
2.5 Internet Resources   
2.6 Expansion of the Scientific Method   
2.7 Data Consistency   
2.8 Personal Experiences   
2.9 Allowing Time for Ideas to Develop   
2.10 Diverse Facts and Their Integration   
2.11 Thinking like Einstein   
3.0 Holistically Derived Understandings   
3.1 Investigating the Paranormal   
3.2 The Nature of Time   
3.2.1 The Future has many probable Paths   
3.2.2 Time Travel Time Warps
3.2.3 Our Core Spirit Sees Time Differently   
3.3 Spiritual Enlightenment   
3.4 Immortality and Longevity   
3.5 Ancient History   
3.5.1 Younger Dryas Comet Impacts   

3.5.2 The Vulture Stone   
3.5.3 The Flood of the Bible   
3.5.4 More Ancient History Realizations   
3.6 UFOs and Aliens   
3.7 The Multiverse   
3.8 Human Will and Survival   
3.9 Legendary Animals and the Multiverse
3.10 Our Malleable Universe   
4.0 Directions for Education   
5.0 Summary   
6.0 Bibliography   

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