Types of UFOs Observed in History 

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What are the many types of UFOs seen in history. Are there any trends? How many different types of UFOs exist. An historical review of the UFOs people have seen through history.

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Crucifixion Painting UFO in the Canvas

What this book is all about

My goal in this book is to show the different types of UFOs reported throughout history and today.

I’m not trying to prove whether these ships are real or not. I just thought that given the many thousands of sightings of UFOs there should be some commonalities between the sightings.

Some of the questions I want to answer include:

Are there any trends in these sightings?

Is there an evolution in the design of these vehicles over time?

Are there some common designs over time?

Also, some of the UFOs sighted are likely fakes or secret projects built by the US government. I tried to show that information too.

Just due to the number of stars in our galaxy I’m convinced that Aliens exist and have probably visited our planet thousands or even millions of year in the past-in addition to visiting in the present.

This collection of historical photos, drawings, and descriptions should provide you with a narrative as to how these sightings have changed over time.

Ezekiel UFO Sightings from the Bible

The Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Ancient and Historical Times
2.1 A French Cave Painting 13,000 BC
2.2 Ezekiel’s UFO Sighting-593 B.C.
2.3 A fresco entitled "The Crucifixion" 1380 A.D.
2.4 The Baptism of Christ 1710 A.D.
2.5 Annunciation w/ Saint Emidius 1482 A.D.
2.6 Madonna with Saint Giovannino 1460 A.D.
3.0 Nineteenth & Early 20th Century
4.0 World War Two Sightings
4.1 Nazi UFOs
4.2 Foo Fighters in World War Two
5.0 Post World War Two Sightings
5.1 George Adamski Sightings
5.2 Kenneth Arnold Sighting
5.3 Miscellaneous UFO Disk Pictures
5.4 Saucers over Washington D.C.
5.5 The Falcon Lake Sighting
6.0 Late 20th Century to 21st Century
6.1 Triangles Ships with Lights
6.2 Giant Triangle Over Phoenix
6.3 The Caret Program
6.4 Shiny Spheres in Google Earth Photos
6.5 Another Silvery UFO Sighting
6.6 Latest Videos by Navy Fighters
7.0 Just Weird UFO Pictures
8.0 Misidentifications & Human Craft
8.1 The AvroCar
8.2 The Black Night Satellite
9.0 Analysis and Summary
10.0 Bibliography   

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