A New Paradigm of Truth and Happiness

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Truth is closely related to happiness. Learn techniques to find the truth in your life and how to apply these techniques to larger issues of our society and science.

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What this Book is all About

This book is for people who want to become happier by applying the concepts here to their lives. It is all about seeing through the distortions and misinformation in our lives, civilization, science, and common beliefs.

What you can learn from this book:

•    Examples on how to apply these ideas to improve happiness in your daily life.
•    See why replacing illusions with truth leads to better peace of mind and happiness
•    A new paradigm about how to improve objectivity
•    How our Ego affects how well we can see truth
•    Approaches which will aid your Spiritual Growth
•    Seeing the truth beyond many lies and misinformation you are taught
•    How to measure the paranormal scientifically
•    How Integration of diverse knowledge leads to new understandings

Follow the ideas given here to improve your life. You will not regret it.

The Chapters in this Book:

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Some Major Illusions in our Civilization
3.0 How Truth affects Happiness
4.0 Illusions are Caused By the Ego
5.0 Illusions in Our Lives
5.1 Illusions due to Fear
5.2 Illusions in Daily Life
5.3 Illusions in Personal Relationships
5.4 Boredom, Depression and Suicidal feelings
5.5 Illusions in Education
5.6 Illusions in your Job, Career, or Business
5.7 Illusions of Nationality & Freedoms
5.8 Illusions in Religion or Philosophical Beliefs
6.0 Personal Holistic Philosophy
7.0 How to Lead a Happier and Truthful Life
8.0 Universal Holistic Philosophy
8.1 Interests in the Unknown
8.2 Science Fiction and Fantasy Are Important
8.3 Getting a Good Education
8.4 The Importance of an Open Mind
8.5 Internet Resources
8.6 Expansion of the Scientific Method
8.7 Data Consistency
8.8 Personal Experiences
8.9 Allowing Time for Ideas to Develop
8.10 Diverse Facts and Their Integration

8.11 Thinking like Einstein
9.0 Holistically Derived Understandings
9.1 Investigating the Paranormal
9.2 The Nature of Time
9.2.1 The Future has many probable Paths
9.2.2 Time Travel Time Warps
9.2.3 Our Core Spirit Sees Time Differently
9.3 Spiritual Enlightenment
9.4 Immortality and Longevity
9.5 Ancient History
9.5.1 Younger Dryas Comet Impacts
9.5.2 The Vulture Stone
9.5.3 The Flood of the Bible
9.5.4 More Ancient History Realizations
9.6 UFOs and Aliens
9.7 The Multiverse
9.8 The Reality Illusion
9.9 Legendary Animals and the Multiverse
9.10 Our Malleable Universe
10.0 Summary
11.0 Bibliography

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