A Trilogy of Self-Help Books

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A Trilogy of Self Help books covering creativity, building confidence, and relieving stress. Each book provides descriptions of the issues, processes and tasks to try, and testimonies of people who have accomplished their goals.

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This Package of Three Self Help Titles Includes the Following books:

Building Self Confidence

Self-Confidence is learned and is important to our success in life. In this book we discuss what self-confidence is, fears, confidence builders, experience building self-confidence, stories of self-confidence and much more

The Importance of Creativity and How to Improve Yours

This book is all about creativity. What is it? How can you use it? and How you can develop it. Also includes a test to see where you rank now with your creative abilities

Stress Relief and Methods to Do So

We all have stress in our lives. The ways we deal with it will determine our health, happiness,and longevity. This book goes into details such as how stress affects your body, many methods to deal with it, stressed individual stories, and a 90 day plan to start dealing with you own stress

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