The Timeline of Intelligent Life on Earth-From Millions of Years Ago to the Present 

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There is lots of evidence that intelligent life on Earth goes back millions of years. It involves Aliens in the far past too.  A timeline is also presented for intelligent life on Earth along with many historical sites like Atlantis, and the Younger Dryas Impacts
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What this Book is all about
I’m fascinated with Ancient History because there are continuous new discoveries which push back the dawn of civilization by thousands of years. In the last couple of decades the discoveries at Gobekli Tepe in eastern Turkey pushed back man made structures to  the time period of 9,000-11,000 B.C. Thousands of years before the next know civilizations existed.

My research on Ancient History has led me to write eleven books on the subject which can be seen on my website at:
These books include my research on ancient sites around the world, underground structures, giants, the destruction of civilization about 10,500 B.C., the real Atlantis, and out of place objects which can be millions of years old.

With this collection of a wide variety of information I decided that what is needed is a full timeline of intelligent life on Earth from millions of years ago to the present. There are a lot of gaps in this information but enough records, findings, and discoveries exist to propose and initial timeline of intelligent life on Earth going back hundreds of millions of years.

Yes-I’m saying intelligent life has existed on Earth that long, and since humanity and even primates don’t exist in those times at all, aliens must have lived on the Earth at that time.

There are three parts to this book:

Part One- Millions of Years Ago

This includes many out of place objects made by intelligent beings, and the fossil record which provides supporting evidence that intelligent life did exist at those times.

Part Two-The Unknown Civilizations of Man

Here we have evidence of structures built by man but way before any accepted records that civilization or man -made constructions existed. Some of these things may go back 100,000 years ago.

Part Three-Post Ice Age Civilizations

This part includes evidence that the Younger Dryas event was actually comets striking the Earth which caused major disasters and probably the destruction of civilizations about 10,500 B.C.

My intention is that this timeline will provide a skeleton of mankind and intelligent life’s early history on Earth which can be filled in overtime to become much more detailed and prove the truth of this point of view to skeptics worldwide.

The Timeline Graph

Table Of Contents
1.0 Introduction   
2.0 The Timeline of Intelligent Life On Earth   
Part One-Millions of Years Ago   
3.0 Ancient Aliens on Our Earth   
3.1 In the Ramayana   
3.2 Book of Genesis and Enoch   
3.3 Legends of the Annunaki   
3.4 Ezekiel and the flying machine   
3.5 The Irish Book of Invasions   
3.6 The Dogon Tribe in Africa   
3.7 Native American’s Star People   
4.0 Artifacts From Millions of Years Ago   
4.1 The Coso Artifact-500,000 Years Old   
4.2 The Nampa Figurine-2 Million Years Old   
4.3 Mortar and Pestal-33 to 55 Million Years Old   
4.4 Ancient Modern Tools-300 Million Years Old   
4.5 Wheel in Coal Mine- 300 Million Years Old   
4.6 Ancient Tracks in Stone 12-14 Million Years Old   
4.7 Iron Pot from Oklahoma-312 Million Years Old   
4.8 Mysterious Bell-298 to 320 Million Years Old   
4.9 The London Hammer-400 to 500 Million Years Old   
4.10 Metal Spheres-2.8 Billion Years Old   
4.11 A Possible Set of Structures from Millions of Years Ago   
5.0 Ancient Alien Giants   
5.1 A Giant Race of Men   
5.2 Human & Dino Footprints-100 Million Years Old   
5.3 Ancient Giant Footprints-200 Million Years Old   
5.4 Giants Are of Alien Origins   
5.5 Finding the Nephilim in Myth   
5.6 Gilgamesh, the Giant   
Part Two-The Unknown Civilizations of Man   
6.0 Ancient Civilizations Before the Last Ice Age   
6.1 Ancient Egypt-The Sphinx 9,500 B.C.   
6.2 Bosnian Pyramids, Bosnia 30,000 B.C.   
6.3 The Sunken City, Dwarka, India 9,500 B.C.   
6.4 Gunung Padang, Western Java 22,000 B.C.   
6.5 Yonaguni Monument, Japan 10,000 B.C.   
6.6 Rock Lake Pyramid, Wisconsin 10,000 B.C. or Earlier   
6.7 Stone Wall Theopetra Cave, Greece 21,000 B.C.   
6.8 The Montana Megaliths 70,000 Years Ago   
7.0 Ancient Underground Cities and Tunnels   
7.1 Tayos Caves, Ecuador 48,000 B.C.-12,000 B.C.   
7.2 Tunnels at the Black Sea, Romania 12,000 Years Old   
8.0 More Ancient Ruins-Some of Undetermined Ages 100,000 to10,000 Years Ago   
8.1 Gobekli Tepe, Turkey 10,000-12,000 B.C.   
8.2 Gornaya Shoria, Russia 14,000 B.C.   
8.3 Caucus Mtns, Near Sochi, Russia 25,000 B.C.   
8.4 Buried Wall, Rockwall, Texas, 30,000 B.C.-38,000 B.C.   
8.5 Adam’s Calendar, South Africa 75,000 B.C
8.6 Karelia, Mount Vottovaara, Russia-No Age Estimate   
9.0 Prehistoric Large Statues   
9.1 The Lady of Mali 25,000 Years Old
9.2 The Badlands Guardian in Canada   
9.3 Pedra de Gavia   
9.4 The Harakbut Face
Part Three-The Post Ice Age and later than 11,000 B.C.   
10.0 The Destruction of Civilization   
10.1 The Younger Dryas event   
10.2 Younger Dryas Comet Impacts   
10.3 The Vulture Stone   
10.4 The Destruction of Atlantis   
10.5 The Flood of the Bible   
10.5 The World Cataclysm about 10,500 B.C.   
11.0 The Real Atlantis-In the Eye of the Sahara   
11.1 The Eye of the Sahara   
11.2 Specifications of Atlantis   
11.3 The Disaster   
11.4 Ancient Rivers in North Africa   
11.5 North Africa Turns to Desert   
11.6 Herodotus Map of the World   
11.7 Archeology   
11.8 Leo Frobenius   
11.9 Other Researchers   
12.0 More Recent Underground Cities   
12.1 Derinkuyu, Turkey 3,000 Years Old   
12.2 Naours Underground City, France 1,700 Years Ago   
12.3 Lalibela Ethiopia Underground 800 Years Old   
12.4 Orvieto, Italy 2,500 Years Old   
12.5 England’s Underground Tunnels 2,400 Years Old   
13.0 Other Ancient Sites from this Age
13.1 The Indus Valley Civilization, India 6,000 B.C.   
13.2 Khirokitia Cypress 7,000 B.C.   
13.3 Megalithic Structure Strait of Sicily 7,350 B.C.   
13.4 Doggerland, North Sea 8,500 B.C.-8,200 B.C   
13.5 Jericho, Israel 9,000 B.C.   
14.0 Summary   
15.0 Bibliography   
16.0 Index   

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