Real Time Travel Stories From a Psychic Engineer 

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Real Time Travel Stories of persons visiting the past and the future. Includes the Author's stories about his own experiences seeing future events. Analysis and theories included about how this works.

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What this book is all about

There are many unusual stories of persons seeing the future, and some who have seen the past. Some stories seem to show that persons have actually visited the past and interacted with the people they met.

I’ve had many paranormal experiences myself and visions of the future which I wrote about in two of my own books. I’m also an Engineer and think this gives me a pretty unique perspective about these phenomena.

In this book you will read about many different researched cases of people visiting both the past and the future. From the evidence, this seems to be a much more common occurrence than was previously thought.

There is also a chapter on theories of how these phenomena might exist. That these might be a type of paranormal experience and/or involve existing time warps.

The world is truly much stranger than we can even imagine. I hope you enjoy these stories and they give you lots of food for thought.

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction    
2.0 My Premonitional Experiences    
2.1 Stories of My Major Premonitions    
a.    Visions    
b.    Warnings of Danger    
•    Detroit    
•    At the Border in El Paso    
•    Planning a Trip to Spain    
c.    A few Seconds Ahead    
d.    Dreams of Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004    
2.2 Stories About 9/11    
a. Experiences about 9/11/2001    
3.0 Visiting Versailles in the Past    
4.0 Rudolph Fentz    
5.0 Paul Dienach    
6.0 Bold Street, Liverpool, England    
7.0 Greek Trireme, Turkey 1984    
8.0 Caught On Video    
9.0 National Airlines 727    
10.0 The Kersey Time Slip    
11.0 Sir Victor Goddard    
12.0 Mel Riley and the Indians    
13.0 Goethe’s Meets Himself    
14.0 Wesleyan University Time Shift    
15.0 The Vision in Fotheringhay church    
16.0 The Disappearing Rougham House    
17.0 Bampton, England 1993    
18.0 The Vanishing Hotel    
19.0 Battle of Nechtansmere    
20.0 Vanishing Oklahoma White Buildi
21.0 Theories of Time Travel    
22.0 Summary    
23.0 Bibliography    
24.0 Video Links of Interest  

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