The Real Nature of Time: An Analysis of Physics, Prophecy, and Time Travel Experiences 

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An Analysis of Time from  premonitional experiences, stories of real time travelers and theoretical physics. What is time really?

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What this book is all about

The real nature of time is still a mystery after thousands of years of philosophers and scientists analyzing it and theories about it.

Prophecy has existed for most of humanity’s time on Earth and there is a lot of reason to think that seeing the future does see some of what happens. I also wrote two books on this subject including the history of prophecy and my own experiences. The titles include “Prophecy: A History and How to Guide” and “Use Intuition and Prophecy to Improve Your Life-By an Adept”

In the twentieth century Albert Einstein gave the world his Theories of Special Relativity and General Relativity. He gave us a new way to view time in the world. The result of his analysis of time, space, and gravity has affected our scientific understanding about the world and Universe we live in. This interests me because I studied Physics before switching to Engineering in my Junior Year at University.

Then there are people who claim to have had time travel experiences. I found enough of these stories for my book titled “Real Time Travel Stories from a Psychic Engineer”.

With all that I’ve learned from my studies of Physics, my prophecy experiences, and my research on real time travel stories this is my effort to try to integrate all of this information together.

I hope you will find this book interesting and it will provoke your thinking.

Table of Contents

1.0    Introduction    
2.0    Relativistic Space and Time    
3.0    Quantum Mechanics    
4.0    Quantum Entanglement    
5.0    My Spiritual Views about Reality    
5.1     The Importance of Stillness    
5.2     The Reality of Stillness    
5.3     Biblical Quotes Relating to Stillness and the Spirit    
6.0    Prophecy and Premonitions    
6.1    Visions    
6.2    Warnings of Danger    
6.3    Dreams of Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004    
6.4     Experiences about 9/11/2001
7.0     Reported Experiences of Time Travel    
7.1     Visiting Versailles in the Past    
7.2     Bold Street, Liverpool, England    
7.3     Greek Trireme, Turkey 1984    
7.4     Rudolph Fentz 1951    
8.0    The Characteristics of Time    
9.0    Commonalities of Time Experiences    
10.0    Summary    
11.0     Bibliography    

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An Analysis of Physics, Prophecy, and Time Travel Experiences”
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