The Multiverse: Time and Dimensional Travel Q&As

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A series of questions and answers on time and dimensions travel and seeing the future. Includes exercises to learn how to do so. Explores the boundaries of our understanding of the Universe.

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What this Book is all about:

The subjects of time and dimensional travel really fascinate me. I went to Engineering School and took advanced courses in physics and mathematics so I have a pretty good understanding of science’s current understanding of our Universe.

I’ve also been fortunate to have learned and practiced techniques to become more spiritually and psychically developed. One of the things this led to were my numerous experiences with premonitions and prophecy which I’ve written about.

My research also led me to write several books about stories of real time travel and dimensional shifting experiences.

This book is a series and questions and answers to review and discuss what I’ve learned about time and dimensions which I hope will shed some light on the mysteries of these strange phenomena.

The world is much more mysterious than we ever thought possible and our speculation is part of our developing an understanding of our universe.

Sir Victor Goddard-Time Traveller

The Table of Contents

1.0    Introduction   
2.0    Current Science on Time and Dimensions   
2.1    The Theory of Relativity   
2.2 Theories of the Multiverse   
3.0    Are Time and Dimensional Travel Possible?   
4.0    Are Time Portals and Alternative Dimensions Related?   
5.0    Can We See the Future?   
6.0    Is Our Future a Probability?   
7.0 Can We Control Our Future?   
8.0 Are Premonitions Spiritual Abilities?   
9.0    Can We Learn Time and Dimensional Travel?   
9.1 Dimensional Travel Exercises   
9.2 Time Travel Exercises   
10.0 Claims of Time Travelers from the Future?   
11.0 Have Beings Come from Other Dimensions?
11.1 The Legend of the Tuatha De Danann   
11.2 Where They Came From   
12.0    Can Animals Move Between Dimensions?   
13.0    Can we See Danger in Our Future?   
14.0    Can We Learn Everything About the Universe?   
15.0    Can We Change the Universe?   
16.0    Summary   
17.0    Bibliography   

Multiple Dimensional Earths

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