Thunderbirds: Legends and Reality 

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Thunderbirds have been sighted for hundreds of years around the world. This book contains sightings and legends of these giant birds
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What this book is all about

Thunderbirds are giant birds which have been known by the North American Indians from time immemorial.

These birds are part of the culture, totem poles, and more of Indian history and mythology.

The giant birds have also be seen in modern times. Some observers say they are just giant regular birds while others say they have the appearance of Pterodactyls.

In this book we review American Indian beliefs and legends about these giant birds. We also review the many reports not only in North America, but all over the world of giant birds and/or flying reptiles.

There are similar sightings all around the world too and we cover these too.

Finally, I make an effort to determine what these sightings really are and if they might also make a case for living Pterodactyls in our world.

It’s an exciting journey so please come aboard and learn about some of these amazing sightings.

The Tombstone Thunderbird

Table of Contents

1.0    Introduction    
         The Thunderbird According to Lore    
         Origins of the Thunderbird Legends    
         A possible Thunderbird in a museum    
2.0    Indian Tribes and Thunderbirds    
2.1     Thunderbird of the Menominee Peoples    
2.2     Thunderbird of the Ojibwe Peoples    
2.3     Thunderbird of the Winnebago Peoples    
-2.4     Thunderbird of the Sioux Peoples    
2.5     Thunderbird of the Arapaho Peoples    
2.6     Thunderbird of the Algonquian Peoples    
2.7     Thunderbird of the Shawnee Peoples    
          Physical Appearance    
3.0      Thunderbird Myths    
3.1     Thunderbird Fights Mimlos-Whale    
3.2     Thunderbird Turns People to Stone    
3.3     Thunderbird Causes a Great Flood and Separates the Quileute Peoples    
3.4     The Origin of Thunderbird According to the Passamaquoddy Peoples    
3.5     Thunderbird Saves People from Unktehi    
3.6     Origin of the Myth    
4.0     Sightings of Thunderbirds in North America    
4.1     A Civil War “Thunderbird”    
4.2     Sighting in Alaska, USA    

4.3     Sighting in Pennsylvania, USA    
4.4     Sighting in North Carolina, USA    
4.5     Arizona, and Miscellaneous Sightings    
4.6     Abductors of Children?    
4.7     More North American Sightings    
4.8     The Tombstone Thunderbird    
5.0    Thunderbird Sightings Around the World    
5.1    Sightings of Pterodactyls in New Guinea    
5.2    Sightings at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba    
5.3    Sightings in Perth, Australia    
5.4    Africa's Kongamoto    
6.0    Possible Thunderbird Origins    
6.1    Pterodactyls and Megafauna    
6.2    Could Thunderbirds also be Dragons?    
7.0    Summary    
8.0    Bibliography    
A Recreation of a Thunderbird River Bluff Painting

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