A Theory of Ancient Prehistory and Giant Aliens

Product Summary
This book ties together the author's previous six books on ancient prehistory, strange objects, and giants, to provide an intergrated approach to how and why these ancient megalithic sites and impossible objects exist. That ancient Giant Aliens have been on Earth for millions of years.


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The Lena Pillars. Possibly Ruins of a 500 million year old civilization?

What this Book is all about
I have written six other books on ancient civilizations and Giants. This book ties them all together to show that these ancient societies and relics had to have been created by Alien Giants who existed not only during human history but millions of years ago.

Many pieces of evidence are included here to provide evidence for this claim. Some newly found information is also included about these ancient sites including wheel ruts millions of years old.

Evidence is shown for Giants on this Earth not only during recorded human history but millions of years ago. 

The Lena Pillars are also reviewed to show that this might have been the main city of an ancient civilization over 500 million years ago and the source of the Hyperborian legends.

Many ancient megalithic sites which are so old we don’t even have potential ages on are described to show that they are real constructions and must have been part of ancient societies.

The evidence for truly ancient sites and relics exists. It just needs an overview and theory of how they exist and why.

Drill In a Piece of Coal

Table Of Contents

1.0 Introduction   
2.0 Asking the Right Questions   
3.0 Ancient Megalithic Sites   
3.1 Megalithic Site Examples   
3.1.1 Montana Megaliths, Montana, USA   
3.1.2 Karelia, Mount Vottovaara, Russia   
3.1.3 Rock Lake Pyramid, Wisconsin 10,000 B.C.   
3.1.4 The Lena Pillars   
3.1.5 Buried Wall, Rockwall, Texas, 30,000 B.C.-   
38,000 B.C.   
3.2 List of Megalithic Sites   
4.0 The Real Atlantis   
4.1 The Specifications of Atlantis   
4.2 Herodotus Map of the World   
4.3 Gods and Goddesses   
5.0 Underground Tunnels & Cities   
5.1 Tayos Caves, Ecuador   
5.2 Bosnian Pyramid Tunnels, Bosnia   
5.3 Tunnels at the Black Sea, Romania   
6.0 Impossible Objects   
6.1 The London Hammer-400 to 500 Million Years Old   
6.2 Malta-Clapham Junction Cart Ruts – East field   
6.3 Ancient Screw-300 to 320 Million Years Old   
6.4 Iron Pot from Oklahoma-312 Million Years Old   
7.0 Giants Are Real   
7.1  Giant Footprints   
7.2 Human & Dino Footprints-100 Million Years Old   
7.3 Ancient Giant Footprints-200 Million Years Old   
7.4 The Giant of Kandahar
8.0 Aliens Among Us   
8.1 Paintings on Stone walls in Northern Italy   
8.2 The story of Ezekiel and the flying machine   
8.3 Details of a fresco entitled "The Crucifixion"   
8.4 The Dogon Tribe in Africa   
8.5 UFO Sightings by the Puritans   
8.6 NATO’s Top Secret Study   
8.7 Serpo—Missions to Other Planets   
9.0 Evidence for Extraterrestrial Giants   
10.0 Deteriorating & Missing Evidence
11.0 Summary   
12.0 Bibliography   

The Giant of Khandahar

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