Stress Relief and Methods to Do So

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We all have stress in our lives. The ways we deal with it will determine our health, happiness,and longevity. This book goes into details such as how stress affects your body, many methods to deal with it, stressed individual stories, and a 90 day plan to start dealing with you own stress

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What this Book is all About

This book covers the subject of physical and mental stress in our lives and what to do about it.

The book starts by going into the history of stress and what it can do to our minds and bodies. Then possible treatments for stress are listed.

After this some stories of people who had stressful lives and how they solved the problem to live more stress free.

Then we get into natural supplements to reduce stress.

Finally, a 90 day plan in several different areas to help you start to reduce stress in your life.

You should feel more confident to deal with your own stress after reading this book since stress impacts not just our health, but our happiness, and how long we will live.

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The Chapters in this Book:

1.0 Introduction   
2.0 The History of Stress   
3.0 Stress Affects Your Mind & Body   
4.0 Types of Stress   
5.0 Many Ways to Reduce Stress   
5.1 Exercise   
5.2 Consider supplements   
5.3 Light a candle   
5.4 Reduce your caffeine intake   
5.5 Write it down   
5.6 Chew gum   
5.7 Spend time with friends and family   
5.8 Laugh   
5.9 Learn to say No   
5.10 Learn to avoid procrastination   
5.11 Take a yoga class   
5.12 Practice Mindfulness   
5.13 Cuddle   
5.14 Listen to Soothing Music   
5.15 Deep breathing   
5.16 Spend Time with Your Pet   
6.0 The Importance of Mindfulness   
7.0 Anecdotal Stories
7.1 Psychologist-Let go of your Stresses!   
7.2 Visiting an Old Professor   
7.3 Sarah’s-Just Keep Pushing On   
7.4 Michael-Opening Up   
7.5  Bianca-Anxiety   
7.6 Dan-Never Be Too Proud   
8.0 Types of Natural Supplements   
8.1 Ashwagandha   
8.2 Magnesium   
8.3 Melatonin   
8.4 Rhodiola   
8.5 Lemon Balm   
8.6 Valerian   
8.7 Kava   
9.0 A 90 Day Plan to Reduce Stress   
9.1 Learning Meditation   
9.2 Exercise   
9.3 Time with Friends and Family   
9.4 Supplements   
10.0 Setting Up Your 90 Day Plan   
11.0 Summary   
12.0 Bibliography   

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