Stranger Than Science Stories and Facts

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There are a large variety of strange and mysterious stories in this book. After reading it should help you open your mind about many subjects. There are 32 chapters on different mysteries in this book. This info is all extracted from my experiences and other researched books I've written.

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What this Book is all about:

I first read the book “Stranger Than Science” By Frank Edwards when I was about 10 years old and it was an important turning point in my life.

This book has many stories of strange events and it really built my curiosity about the world. Later I went to Engineering School and also had many paranormal experiences from learning meditation and other practices.

Later in life this caused me to research and write over 100 books on strange and mysterious things. This path has become a passion in my life.

This book is kind an updated version of that famous Frank Edwards book based on my experiences and research of many phenomena. I’m sure you will find the stories in this book fascinating since they are all samples of much of what I experienced, researched, and wrote about.

This book contains over 32 chapters of my favorite stories on various topics to provide a question mark to your beliefs and assumptions about the world we live in.

When you finish this volume maybe you will see my point of view which is that as much as we think we know about this world and the universe, there are still many mysteries and strange things out there.

A Giant Crab

The Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction   
2.0 Pictures of Huge Marine Animals   
3.0 Stories of Doppelgangers   
4.0 Travel to Other Dimensions   
5.0 Some Facts about Bigfoot   
6.0 Time Travel Stories   
7.0 Unidentified Submerged Objects   
8.0 The Antikythera mechanism   
9.0 Objects Created Millions of Years Ago   
10.0 A Possible Civilization 300 Million Years Ago   
11.0 Premonitions of Danger   
12.0 Giants on the Earth   
13.0 Atlantis in West Africa   
14.0 Historical Paintings of UFOs   
15.0 The Size of our Universe   
16.0 Strange Facts of the Solar System   
17.0 An Attacking Spirit and a Ghost Picture   
18.0 Surviving the Unsurvivable   
19.0 Ancient Underground Structures   
20.0 Long Lived People   
21.0 A Person who Claims to be An Immortal   
22.0 The Otherworld Dimension   
23.0 The Whale Which Attacked a Ship   
24.0 Fast Human Spaceships in the Solar System   
25.0 Life Deep In the Earth   
26.0 The Teleportation of Gil Perez   
27.0 Thunderbirds are Real   
28.0 Aliens are Already Among Us   
29.0 Invisibility Stories   
30.0 Before Birth Memories   
31.0 Enlightened Masters   
32.0 Long Lived Plants and Animals   
33.0 Consciousness is a Quantum Waveform   
34.0 Summary   
35.0 Bibliography   

A Floating Saint

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