Stranger Than Science Stories and Facts Volume Two

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There are a large variety of strange and mysterious stories in this book. After reading it should help you open your mind about many subjects. There are 30 chapters on different mysteries in this book. This info is all extracted from my experiences and other researched books I've written. This is Volume Two of these books.

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What this Book is all about:

This book is my second on stranger than science stories and facts. The idea is from the book “Stranger Than Science” by Frank Edwards that I read when I was a kid. It made a great impression on me since it caused me to be curious about all of the unknown facts in the world.

In this Volume Two I’ve gone through my 120 plus books again to find interesting subjects I’ve either experienced or researched which were not discussed in the first book.
(Except for one which is reviewed in more detail)

My goal is to open the eyes of the reader to facts and stories about the unknown they may not know about. Hopefully this will lead you to become more open minded and think seriously about new things which may not have been part of your life before.

Here you will read stories about the Paranormal, Spiritual Enlightenment, Legendary animals like Dragons, giant snakes, living dinosaurs, ball lightning, alien anti-gravity technology, improving longevity, and much more.

I promise you will not be bored with the materials we cover here.

After reading this book I hope you can see that our world is truly mysterious and the more we know, the more questions we have, and the more there is to know.

Possible Underwater Alien Base on the Sea Floor--Malibu, California

The Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction   
2.0 Ball Lightning   
3.0 Druid Magic   
4.0 The Little People   
5.0 Nazi Anti-Gravity Research   
6.0 Four Long Lived Communities   
7.0 Ancient Massive Structures   
7.1 The Lady of Mali 25,000 Years Old   
7.2 The Badlands Guardian in Canada   
7.3 Pedra de Gavia   
8.0 Underground City, Derinkuyu, Turkey   
8.0 Unidentified Submerged Objects   
10.0 You Can Live Decades Longer   
11.0 Civilization Fell about 10,500 B.C.   
11.1 Younger Dryas Comet Impacts   
11.2 The Vulture Stone   
11.3 The Flood of the Bible   
12.0 The Bell Witch   
13.0 A Living Dinosaur in Africa   
14.0 Unbelievable Giant Snakes   
15.0 Evidence of Dragons   
16.0 Potential Interstellar Probes   
16.1 Interstellar Probe (1999)   
16.2 Breakthrough Starshot   
17.0 Alexander Selkirk-The Real Robinson Crusoe   
18.0 The Sphinx is over 10,000 Years Old   
19.0 My Heart Opening Experience   
20.0 Invulnerability and Shielding   
21.0 300 Million Year Old Wheel in Coal   
22.0 Colonies in Space   
23.0 The Survival of Joe Simpson   
24.0 Incredible Healers   
24.1 Arigo: Surgeon of the Rusty Knife   
24.2 Harry Edwards   
24.3 John of God   
25.0 The Giant of Kandahar   
26.0 Buried Wall, Rockwall, Texas   
27.0 Medieval Swords Found In Arizona   
28.0 Foo Fighters in World War Two   
29.0 More Superhuman Abilities   
30.0 Summary   
31.0 Bibliography   
A Statue of the Giant Gilgamesh

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