The Spirituality and Enlightenment Six Books Bundle 

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A bundle of six special books on Spirituality and Enlightenment. Each one with a unique perspective.

One book on a Modern Man's search for Spiritual Truth

What is the Enlightenment Experience all about?

What is Enlightenent from a Beginner's Perspective?

What is your Soul's Purpose?

Love from the Heart

and What is Happiness all about?

Book Reviews


A Modern Man's Search for Truth
This book is a modern story similar to Siddhartha. How does a nonconformist find truth and enlightenment in today's world? Lots of paranormal, spiritual, and physical adventures in this book. NOTE: Three quarters of this book is based on true life events.

The Enlightenment Experience
The Enlightenment Experience is very powerful according to those who have experienced it. But can it be described properly to the layman? This book is a flow of consciousness to help you comprehend what those people experience. Once you get into the flow i'm sure you will enjoy it.

Enlightenment for Newbies
(Formerly titled "Enlightenment for Dummies")
An overview of the subject of enlightenment. A step by step review of history, what it is, and how to get there. Also includes lots of personal stories of enlightenment as examples.

Learn Your Soul's Purpose to Live a Fullfiling Life
Having a Life Purpose is critical to everyone. Otherwise what are we living for?
How to define your life purpose is discussed and exercises to do so.

Love From the Heart
his book is about Love--what it is--the four main types of love, and Unconditional Love. Guidance and exercises are provided to show the reader how to reach a state of Unconditional Love. Also how a true heart opening experience feels--it's a wonderful blessing

Removing Illusions to Find True Happiness
Happiness is something we are all searching for but few find. Finding happiness should be a high priority in life. This book covers the history of the search for happiness, what happiness is, illusions in the search for it, and how to achieve true happiness.

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