The Spiritual Masters: Our Guides and Protectors  (Work in Progress)

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Spiritual Masters exist on Earth and as Spirits to guide and protect us. Learn more about where they live, what their purpose is and how they are immortals too.

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What this Book is all about
I was in an airport on Dec 23rd 2023. Sitting in the waiting lounge I kind of zoned out for a while just becoming a part of the ebb and flow of the people around me.

All of a sudden this voice coming from me said to me “WE ARE WATCHING OUT FOR AND TAKING CARE OF EVERYONE HERE. THIS IS WHAT WE DO.”

The words weren’t really words. It was more of a strong telepathy but this is the essence of what was said.

This experience and my other experiences plus much research has led me to write this book on Spiritual Masters, what they do, and how they help humanity.

There have been a number of writers over the past centuries who have enlightened us on this topic and so I included many of those perspectives because what they say has a lot in common.

Many Spiritual Masters are immortals too and we deal with this issue here also.

The Commentaries of Living Immortals--Many are Spiritual Masters too

Table of Contents

1.0    Introduction    
2.0    Why the Different Sources in this Book   
3.0    Memories Before, During, and After  Birth   
4.0    Overview of Spiritual Guides   
5.0    The Masters and the Path   
6.0    The Commentaries Of Living Immortals   
7.0    The Masters of the East   
8.0    The Great White Brotherhood   
9.0    Where are Masters and Adepts Located   
10.0  A Listing of Spiritual Masters   
11.0  Contacting Spiritual Masters
12.0  Summary   
13.0  Bibliography   

Babaji-An Immortal Master

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