Important Astronauts, Cosmonauts, and Other Spaceflight Personalities

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Here are the astronauts, cosmonauts, other space flyers, and important persons who made man's journey into space what it is today. Learn all about these people and their backgrounds.

Book 8 of The Living in Space Series

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What this book is all about

This book is the eighth volume of “The Living in Space Series”. Each volume focuses on one particular technology of living in space.
This book covers the Astronauts, Cosmonauts, and other individuals who were responsible for some of the biggest space adventures to date.

When I was a kid growing up in the 1960s my friends and I were always listening to the latest news about the Mercury Seven and their latest adventures flying into space.

As of 2020 less than 600 persons have gone into space. These people have pioneered many different types of space activities and are responsible for many legends.

In 1985 while working for Hewlett Packard I got myself transferred to work at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas for a couple of years. It was incredible for me because I got to see the manned space flight center up close, walk inside of Space mockups, and meet many astronauts. In fact it was David Wolf—who later became an astronaut who took me up for rides in his Pitt Special Acrobatic plane (where I got really sick) which convinced me to get my own pilots license. I even applied for the astronaut corps but didn’t make it.

I also knew Julie Resnick who was killed in the Challenger explosion. It was very impressive attending the Challenger public funeral where President Reagan spoke.

As a lifelong space buff, I’m very happy to write this book series and introduce the key players here. In this book we will profile those persons who have been the star players in man’s exploration of space, and who have made major space contributions over the years.

The Table of Contents Includes lots of fascinating Chapters:

1.0 Introduction   
2.0 Space Leaders and Visionaries   
2.1 Werner Von Braun   
2.2 Korolev   
2.3 President Kennedy’s Moon Speech   
2.4 Elon Musk
3.0 First Men in Space   
3.1 Yuri Gagarin-Soviet Union   
3.2 Alan Shepard-USA   
3.3 John Glenn-USA   
3.4 X-15 Pilots-USA   
3.5 Ghermon Titov-Soviet Union   
3.6 Valentina Tereshkova-Soviet Union   
4.0 Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo Programs   
4.1 The Mercury Seven   
4.2 Gemini Astronauts   
4.3 Apollo Astronauts   
4.3.1 Neil Armstrong   
4.3.2 Buzz Aldrin   
4.2.3 Jim Lovell   
5.0 Space Shuttle and Soyuz/MIR   
5.1 John Young   
5.2 Sally Ride   
5.3 Bruce McCandless II   
5.4 Story Musgrave   
5.5 Guy Bluford   
5.6 Valery Polyakov   
5.7 Eileen Collins   
5.8 Kathryn Thornton   
6.0 ISS Construction and Space Shuttle Missions   
6.1 David Wolf   
6.2 Julie Resnick   
6.3 Joe Allen   
6.4 Scott Kelly   
7.0 Private Spacecraft   
7.1 SpaceX Dragon Manned Capsule   
7.2 Boeing Starliner   
7.3 Virgin Galactic Spacecraft   
8.0 Other Notable Space Flyers   
8.1 Helen Sharman-1st British Astronaut   
8.2 Yang Liwei-First Chinese Taikonaut   
8.3 Koichi Wakata-First Japanese Astronaut   
8.4 Rakesh Sharma-First India Cosmonaut   
9.0 Summary   
10.0 Bibliography   
11.0 Index   

Werner Von Braun

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