All About Shapeshifters

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What are Shapeshifters? Why are their Legends all over the world? What are the types and cultures of shapeshifters, and how can you become one yourself? This book covers this topic in detail.

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What this book is all about

 Shapeshifting has a history of occurring all over the world. From American Indians to Slavics in Europe, shapeshifters are part of our world history.

In this book we explore what shapeshifting is, it’s history, types of shapeshifters, and regions around the world where it has been reported.

We also review practices and exercises to allow the individual to shapeshift themselves to some type of animal.

What was Carlos Castenada’s involvement with shapeshifting? And how is the Greek God Proteus related to this topic?

And what is the difference between a skin walker and a vampire?

Lots of these issues are addressed here and I hope you enjoy the journey.

Celtic Shapeshifters

The Table of Contents

1.0    Introduction    
2.0    Shapeshifting and Indian Vedic Literature    
3.0    Greek and Roman Myths    
4.0    The Greek God Proteus    
5.0    Carlos Castaneda’s Experiences    
6.0    Shapeshifting Abilities    
6.1    Mental Shifting    
6.2    Familiars and Spirit Guides    
6.3    Bi-Location Shifting    
6.4    Physical Shifting    
7.0    Shapeshifting Creatures    
7.1    Skinwalker    
7.2    Werewolf    
7.3    Aswang    
7.4    Changeling
7.5    Vampire    
7.7    Nagual    
7.8    Ijiraq    
8.0    Different Cultures    
8.1    Celtic Mythology    
8.2    Norse Myths    
8.3    Indian Myths    
8.4    Philippine Myths    
8.5    Chinese Myths    
8.6    Japanese Myths    
8.7    Slavic Mythology    
9.0    Getting Ready to Shapeshift    
10.0    Shifting Techniques    
11.0    The Dangers of Shifting    
12.0    Summary    
13.0    Bibliography    

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