Sea Serpents and Ocean Monsters 

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Sea Serpents have been reported throughout history. What is the truth of these sightings and what is fantasy? This book examines the subject in detail
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What this book is all about

I was curious about the reality of many claims over the centuries of sea serpents or large ocean monsters so I thought I’d research this subject myself.

There were many amazing stories such as the giant whale which attacked a ship in the nineteenth century. This event was the reason Herman Melville wrote the book “Moby Dick”.

There are many records of giant fish and serpents in the water. The question is which of these have some basis in reality.

History records many types of monsters of the deep. The question is how many are real or just mythology.

We also now have satellite pictures which show some incredible images of possible water monsters on our Earth.

In this book I tried to do some comprehensive research on the giants of the deep and I hope you find this interesting.

The Kraken Eating a Ship

Table of Contents

1.0    Introduction   
2.0    Aggressive Large Whales   
3.0    Underwater Anomalies   
4.0    Various Other Sea Monsters   
4.1     Aspidochelone   
4.2     Bakunawa   
4.3     Capricorn   
4.4     Cetus   
4.5     Charybdis and Scylla   
4.6     Cirein-cròin   
4.7     Coinchenn   
4.8     The Devil Whale   
4.9     The Hydra   
4.10     Iku-Turso   
4.11     Jörmungandr   
4.12     Kraken   
4.13     Makara   
4.14     The Loch Ness Monster   
4.15     Proteus   
4.16     Sirens   
4.17     The Super Stinger Jellyfish   
4.18     Taniwha   
4.19    Tiamat   
4.20     Timingila   
4.21     Yacumama   
5.0     Giant Monsters on Google Earth   
5.1    A Giant Underwater Crab?   
5.2    Huge Serpent Seen Underwater   
5.3          Loch Ness Monster from Google Earth   
6.0     Giant Squids   
8.0     Bibliography
9.0     Index   

Google Earth Picture of Giant Crab Underwater

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