The Unusual Science and Technology Five Books Bundle

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Five very eclectic and fascinating books  to give you an unusual viewpoint on alien technology, space habitats, future predictions, scientific method, and longeviity

These subjects are pretty far out, and will expand your mind.

All written by an Engineer with Prophetic Abilities


Future Predictions By An Engineer and Seer-What new technologies will change in the future? What about social and other trends of humanity.?

What big paradigm shifts will we have in our civilizaton?

Read about many trends in technology, social development, and more, as well as some detailed predictions of what the future will be like

Aliens & Secret Technology-A Theory of the Hidden Truth-An overview of aliens, UFOs, and secret anti-gravity and aircraft technology with some surprising conclusions. Many interesting stories you may never have heard of before. Lots of pictures too.

Desiging & Building  Space Colonies-A Blueprint for the Future-One of the greatest adventures in the future of humanity will be to construct, work, and live in space based structures.

In this book we look at the history of ideas for living in space, proposed space colony designs, and technology.

The details of current life support technology on the International Space Station is reviewed, and what technologies will be required for development of large scale space colonies
Using the Scientific Method to Study the Paranormal is an analysis of how the un-measureable can be measured. The basis of Science is the ability to test a Hypothesis. This can only be done by having instruments which can measure the phenomena  in question. If measurements can’t be made then Science can’t be conducted. After discussing some of his personal history with Paranormal experiences, the Author proposes some ideas to allow scientific validation of the paranormal which is normally a very subjective experience.
Concepts of Reality and how Science evolved are discussed.

The 10 Principles of Personal Longevity and Personal Freedom-This book is a result of nine years of research on longevity. This book is all about the science of longevity. Personal Freedom is an additional benefit to Longevity Training. Learn how to master and control your own health. It consists of the 10 principles of a Holistic Philosophy which will improve your long term health, have improved happiness, and extend your longevity. I even created a longevity coaching program based on these principles because I believe in them so much.
The Unusual Science and Technology Five Books Bundle
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