Types of Rocket Propulsion and Potential Space Drives 

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What kind of rocket engines will we need to move around the Solar System? And what are some of the notional ideas for interstellar manned travel? Learn about all this and the history of rocket engines too.

Book 6 of The Living in Space Series

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What this book is all about

 There is lots of interest these days in space exploration. After fifty years we are looking at going back to the Moon to build a base and early planning for a manned trip to Mars.
After that, further exploration and settlement of the Solar System will be on the table.
One of the main limiting factors for all of this space exploration are the types of rockets and rocket engines available to get there.
Current rockets in usage are mainly chemical rockets with fairly low specific impulses. We will need a lot more powerful options to reach all of these destinations.
This book is about the history of rocket engine development, what we are using today, and some options for the future.
We also discuss some exciting thinking about how we could build interstellar and faster than light space propulsion for exploring the nearest stars too.

The Table of Contents

1.0    Introduction   
2.0    Definition of Terms   
3.0    The History of Rockets   
4.0    Major Historical Rockets & Engines   
4.1    The German V2   
4.2    The Saturn V Moon Rocket   
4.3    The Russian Soyuz Rockets
4.5    The Russian RD-180 Engine   
4.6    SpaceX Reusable Rockets   
5.0    Existing and Future Engine Designs
5.1    Nerva   
5.2    SpaceX Engine Designs   
5.3    Ion Drives   
5.4    Project Orion   
6.0    Laser Spacecraft Propulsion   
7.0    New Physics & Faster than Light Drives   
7.1    EmDrive   
7.3    Alcubierrre Drive   
7.4    Worm Hole Space Drive   
8.0    Summary   
9.0    Bibliography   
10.0  Index

Alcubierre FTL Drive Ship

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