The Big Book of Pyramids Worldwide

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This book is a survey of over 50 plus pyramids around the world, organized in three sections:

A) The Best Known Pyramids
B) Lesser Known Accepted Pyramids
C) Possible Pyramid Constructions

A comprehensive guide to worldwide pyramidal structures.

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What this Book is all about
This book is intended as a survey of pyramids and possible pyramids worldwide. There are more than 50 different pyramids and sites reviewed.

I’ve broken this information into three sections as follows:

Best Known Pyramids-Those which are famous throughout the world and almost everyone knows about.

Lesser Known Accepted Pyramids-These are real document sites which experts agree are real pyramids but not that well known throughout the world.

Possible Pyramid Constructions-These are likely pyramid constructions but not accepted by mainstream archeologists. Some are even the products of wishful thinking. However, all of these candidate structures I could find are included.

Many of the pyramid descriptions are from publically available articles. Some of the descriptions are also from my analysis of the individual structures and constructions.

In the book’s summary, there are also some discussions of other issues like pyramids ages, alignments, and who built them.

Outside Excavation of the Bosnian Pyramid

Table of Contents

1.0    Introduction
Part A-The Best Known Pyramids   

1.0 African Pyramids   
1.1 Egypt-Giza Plateau   
1.2 Egypt-Meidum Step Pyramid   
1.3 Egypt-Pyramid of Dozier   
2.0 Central American Pyramids   
2.1 Chichen Itza   
2.2 Teotihucan Pyramids   

Part B-Lesser Known Accepted Pyramids
Central & South America  

1.0 El Salvador-Pyramids   
2.0 Bolivia- Pyramids of Akapana   
3.0 Belize Pyramids   
4.0 Ecuador Pyramids   
5.0 Peru-Caral Pyramids   
6.0 Peru-Tecume Valley of the Pyramids   
7.0 Peru-Huaca Del Sol   
8.0 Peru-Cahuachi   


9.0   Sudan-Nubian Pyramids   
10.0 Africa-Mauritis Pyramids   


11.0 Canary Islands- Tenerife   
12.0 Sicilian Pyramids   
13.0 United Kingdom-Silbury Hill   
14.0 Italy-Pyramid of Cestus
15.0 Sardinia- Monte d'Accoddi   
16.0 French Pyramids
17.0 Greece Pyramids

Asian Pyramids   

18.0 Cambodia- Koh Ker Pyramid   
19.0 India-Pyramidal Temples   
20.0 Korean Pyramids   
21.0 Chinese Pyramids   
22.0 Kazakhstan Pyramid

North America   

23.0 Mexico- Great Pyramid of Cholula   
24.0 Mexico-Toltecs Tula   
25.0 Guatamala Pyramids   
26.0 USA-Cahokia Mound   
27.0 USA-North Dakota-Pyramid Hill  

The Middle East   

28.0    Mesopotamia-The Ziggurat   

South Pacific   

29.0 Samoa- Pulemelei Mound   
30.0 Tahiti   
31.0 Indonesia-Java
Part C-Possible Pyramid Constructions   


1.0    Turkey Pyramids   

2.0    Bosnia-Bosnian Pyramids   
3.0    United Kingdom-Faroe Islands

South Pacific   

4.0    New Zealand Pyramids   
5.0    Indonesia-Ganung Padang   
6.0    Japan-Yonagumi Monument   
7.0    Australia-Gympie Pyramid   
8.0    Australia- Ballandean Pyramid   
9.0    Australia-Walshs Pyramid 

North America   

10.0 USA-Wisconsin-Rock Lake Pyramid


11.0 Tibet-China-Mt Kailash   
12.0 Inner Mongolia Pyramid   
13.0 Russia- Krasnoyarsk Pyramid   
14.0 Russia-Kola Penninsula Pyramids   

South America   

15.0   Brazil-Pyramids   


16.0   South African Pyramids

Other Locations

17.0    Cuba-Pyramids on the Sea Floor   
18.0    Antarctica Pyramid   
19.0    Summary   
20.0    Bibliography   

Pyramids in New Zealand

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