Pure Spirituality and God

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How to see deeper into your search for a spiritual connection and how to get beneath the surface of religious dogma to see the truth of the Spirit and God
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What this book is all about

I’ve had a life-long obsession with the truth in all areas-especially about God. This has led me on many wonderful adventures.

It has also taught me that most of humanity has the same quest to answer the big questions such as “Why are we here?” and “Is there a God”.

But I’ve also found that although religions which people created to search for these truths are very important they also have so much dogma that they make it confusing for true seekers.

This also creates confusion among those comparing different religions as to which one is the “true one” since the dogma and outer teachings of each religion can seem contradictory.

But there is a deeper common truth in all of these belief systems.
So the objective of this book is to show the reader how true spirituality which is devoid of religious practices is the straightest and most pure path to achieving our fulfillment as human beings in a relationship with God.

I support all real religions (which are not cults) as being vehicles to start people on their searches for God.

But I also want to help readers to understand the larger picture and how they can learn it for themselves.

This book also reviews a lot of my experiences so you can see how I reached the path that I’m on.

The Essence of God

Table of Contents

1.0    Introduction   
2.0    The Power of Religion   
3.0    Those Who Don’t Believe in the Spirit   
4.0    Being Raised as a Christian   
5.0    Paranormal and Spiritual Development   
6.0     Prophecies and Intutions   
6.1    Visions   
6.2     Detroit   
6.3     At the Border in El Paso   
6.4    Planning a Trip to Spain   
6.5    A few Seconds Ahead   
6.6    Dreams of Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004   
6.7     Experiences about 9/11/2001   
6.8     A Strong Intuitional Experience   
7.0    My Enlightenment Experiences   
8.0    The Major Religions   
8.1     Judaism   
8.1    Christianity   
8.2    Islam   
8.3    Hinduism   
8.4    Buddhism   
9.0    Additional Religions   
9.1    B’ahai   
9.2    Zorastorism   
10.0    Destructive Religious Cults   
11.0    Planning Your Search For Truth   
12.0    Some Fairly Pure Spirituality Teachings   
12.1     Yogananda   
12.2    The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali   
13.0    Some Wisdom To Consider   
14.0    Summary   
15.0    Bibliography   

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