Importance Prophecies of the Future

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Many prophcies of our future. Lots of Prophecies listed from the past, current prophecies, tech expert forecasts, and prophecies from near death experiences.

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What this book is all about

There are many Prophecies and Premonitions from the past which still might happen. This book looks at the most important from a variety of sources and attempts to analyze what will really happen and when.

Being an Engineer and a Clairvoyant has led me to analyze my prophecy experiences and given me a better understanding of how they exist and work.
My major experiences are reviewed in Chapter 2.0 along with my explanations of how prophecy really works.

In the rest of this book we will explore many prophecies from the past which have yet to occur, as well as forecasts by current prophets and great thinkers about our future.

Then we get into a few prophecies by those who had Near Death Experiences (NDEs) who are therefore closer to their spirit which increases prophetic validity.

Next I make a few of my own prophecies about our future from looking ahead with my intuition to see “what feels right”.

Lastly, is an analysis of the prophecies in this book and what we can learn from them.


The Table of Contents

1.0    Introduction   
2.0    My Experiences Seeing the Future   
2.1    Can We See the Future?   
2.2    Is Our Future a Probability?   
3.0    Future Prophecies from the Past   
3.1    The Bible   
3.2     Saint Hildegard from the 1100s   
3.3    Nostradamus   
3.4    Hopi Indian Prophecies   
3.5    George Washington’s Vision   
3.6    The Simpsons   
4.0    Futurists Predictions   
4.1    Ray Kurzweil   
4.2    Dr. Stephen Hawking   
4.3    Dr. Michio Kaku   
4.4    Predictions for the Year 2050   
4.5     Predictions for 100 Years from Now   
5.0    Prophecies from Near Death Experiences   
5.1   A Prison Officer’s Vision of the Future   
5.2     Demon’s showed the Future   
5.3     Shown the Future of Mankind   
6.0    Prophecies About America   
7.0    My own Premonitions and Prophecies
8.0    What Prophecies Have in Common   
9.0    Summary   
10.0 Bibliography   

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