Future Predictions By An Engineer and Seer

Product Summary
What new technologies will change in the future? What about social and other trends of humanity.?

What big paradigm shifts will we have in our civilizaton?

Read about many trends in technology, social development, and more, as well as some detailed predictions of what the future will be like


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On Making Predictions of the Future:

It is possible to make pretty good future predictions by taking into account three things:

1) Technological and Socialogical Trends
2) Potential Paradigm changes
3) Intuition

Read our methodology and some exciting predictions for the future

Table of Contents

1.0    Introduction
Part 1—The History & Difficulty of Predictions
2.0    The Usefulness of Good Predictions    
3.0 Wrong Or Limited Insights    
3.1    Global Warming Mistakes    
3.2    Space Travel after Moon Landings    
3.3    Not seeing the possibilities    
4.0 Previous Prediction Books    
4.1 Malthusian Theory    
4.2 Future Shock    
4.3 The Third Wave    
4.4 Megatrends    
5.0 Science Fiction Predictions    
5.1 Jules Verne    
5.2 Arthur C. Clarke    
5.3 H.G. Wells    
5.4 Robert Heinlein    
5.5 Misc Science Fiction Writers    
6.0 The Singularity    
7.0 Secret Science and Knowledge    
8.0 Types of Predictions    
8.1 Predictions based on existing trends    
8.2 Potential Paradigm shifts    
8.3 Predictions based on Intuition & Prophecy    
8.4 Taking Into Account Economics and Industry    
9.0 Mixing Logic and Knowledge with Intuition
Part 2-Major Trends & Predictions
10.0 World Population Growth    
11.0 Availability of Resources    
12.0 Technology Development Trends    
12.1 Artificial Intelligence    
12.2 Biology & DNA    
12.3 Construction    
12.4 Crypto Currencies    
12.5 Drone Technology    
12.6 Education    
12.7 Farming    
12.8 Electrical Power Generation    
12.9 Human Longevity
12.10 Manufacturing    
12.11 Medicine    
12.12 Mobile Technologies    
12.13 Military Technology    
12.14 Nanotechnology    
12.15 Quantum Technologies    
12.16 Robotics    
12.17 Space Travel & Space Settlements    
12.18 Transportation    
13.0 Human Intelligence    
14.0 Trends In Human Interactions    
14.1 Overall Trends in Work and Jobs    
14.2 Trends in Corporations    
14.3 Trends in Government    
14.4 Trends in Religious and Spiritual Areas    
14.5 Trends in Social Interaction And Relationships    
15.0 Paradigm Shifting    137
15.1 Summary of Paradigm Shift Potentials    
16.0 The Speed of Change    
17.0 Predictions About Human Civilization    
17.1 In the Year 2100 AD—Roughly 80 Years    
17.2 In the Year 2250 AD—Roughly 232 Years    
17.3 In the Year 3000 AD—Roughly 980 Years    
18.0 Summary    
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