Planet Earth is Conscious: And Life Exists in Amazing Places

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Our planet Earth is Conscious and life exists above it, on the surface, in the Ocean, and deep in the Earth. When you read this book you will start to agree with the premise that life in this Earth causes it to be a conscious being

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What this Book is all about:

This book explores the concepts of our planet Earth being a conscious entity, and all of the incredible places life has been found, around, on, and inside our planet.

I believe that planet Earth (also known as Gaia) is a conscious being in its own right. Many of the ancients also believed the same thing.

Even metaphysical philosophies like Theosophy talk about the Gaia consciousness and that there are even higher level beings like the Solar Logos.

There is an amazing amount of life on Earth—much of which has only been discovered in recent decades.

For example: did you know that life penetrates the Earth’s crust down to at least seven miles beneath the Ocean’s seabed, and possibly much deeper.

That life exists in Lake Vostok beneath the Antarctic Ice which hasn’t been in contact with the surface for many thousands of years?

There has also been new bacteria found on the International Space Station and in meteorites which have hit the Earth.

Life exists on our planet in many unusual and amazing places and you will be amazed at its diversity.

Space Bacterium Found in Meteorite

The Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction
2. The Gaia Hypothesis
3.0 Gaia Consciousness
4.0 Life Deep in the Earth
5.0 Life in the Ocean   
5.1 Volcanic Vents
5.2 Weird Life in the Oceans
6.0 Life Deep in the Jungles
7.0 Life in and Under Antarctica
7.1 Life under the Ice
7.2 Lake Vostok under Miles of Ice
8.0 Life in the Atmosphere
9.0 Life in Isolation
9.1 Tepui-Plateaus in South America
9.2 Life in Deep Caves
10.0 Life in Space
10.1 Bacteria on the ISS
10.2 Life in Meteorites
11.0 Summary
12.0 Bibliography

The Gaia Tree

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