Stories of Parallel Dimensions

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This book includes numerous stories of persons who experienced dimensional travel or who observed this happening to other people.

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What this book is all about

I’ve written a lot of books about the paranormal, spiritual, time travel and weird phenomena.

My interest is in writing about what is the truth regarding these things which people report and I am not influenced by conventional beliefs. What I look for is the number of stories on a particular subject and are these stories consistent.

As an engineer and have studied a lot of physics I know that conventional science has theorized about parallel dimensions but has not evidence or theories of persons moving between dimensions.
In this book my focus is on reviewing reputable stories to see if there is a pattern in what people report to see if interdimensional travel has really happened to them.

I’ve studied a lot of strange subjects and more often than not there are basic truths in the things people report.

Many of the stories in this book come from the Reddit Sub Reddit on Parallel Dimensions. I’ve selected those stories which seems like the best examples of parallel dimensions activities.

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction    
2.0 Theories of the Multiverse    
3.0 Likely Stories of Dimensional Travels    
3.1 The Green Children of Woolpit    
3.2 The Man From Taured    
3.3 What If The Beatles Never Broke Up?    
3.4 Ong’s Hat    
3.5 Carol Chase McElheney    
3.6 Lerina Garcia    
3.7 Pedro Oliva Ramirez    
3.8 Gadianton Canyon    
3.9 Markawasi Stone Forest    
3.10 A vanishing road    
3.11 My friend, the time traveler    
3.12 The Car    
3.13 Déjà vu    
3.14 The girl who dreams    
3.15 Four Girls who took a Wrong Turn    
3.16 Woman Woke Up and Life Was Altered    
3.17 Strange Man Shipwrecked in Germany    
3.18 A Car Crash    
3.19 Parent Swap    
3.20 The Message    
3.21 The Money    
3.22 We Have Pancakes    

3.23 The Vanishing Road    
3.24 Aunt’s Wedding    
3.25 Accident?    
3.26 The Castle    
3.27 Hospital Visit    
3.28 The Workday    
3.29 Strange at School    
3.30 Dennys or Pennys?    
3.31 A Different Dog    
3.32 Bedroom Changes    
3.34 Swap with Self    
3.35 Parallel Traveler    
4.0 Questionable Dimensional Travel Stories    
4.1 The Montauk Project    
4.2 Shadow People    
4.3 The Man    
4.4 The Play    
4.5 The Parallel Door    
4.6 Jumping Universes    
4.7 The Accident    
4.8 The Breakfast    
4.9 Strange Dreams    
4.10 The man who disappeared into Thin Air    
5.0 My Story of Hill Ground Cars    
6.0 Summary
7.0 Bibliography    

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