The New Era of Space Stations

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What will happen after the International Space Station? Many companies and other countries are planning their own free flying space stations for lot of new business and research opportunities. What does the future hold?

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Nanoracks Aurora Station Interior

What this book is all about

We are at an exciting threshold for the development and deployment of private space stations and more advanced designs from various countries. This trend shows how quickly space technologies are developing.

The advancements in cheaper rockets to carry more payloads into Earth’s orbit in a less costly manner is another trend which is supporting the development of these new space stations and space transportation options.

The last few years a lot of companies and governments are making plans to develop and deploy a variety of space stations and moon bases. This seems like to good time to update everyone with what are these latest plans, space technologies, transportation options and more.

I’ve tried to include all I could find on new space technologies and plans relevant to working and living in space.

I grew up in the nineteen sixties when the Space Race with the Russians was just starting. Walking to elementary school with my friends we used to pretend we were the Mercury Astronauts.

Later in the nineteen eighties I worked at the Johnson Space Center and with Contractors for a couple of years. I even applied to the Astronaut program once. So I love Space Travel.

This led me to write my first book on Space in 2017 titled “Designing and Building Space Colonies” along with another ten space related books later on.

Table Of Contents

1.0   Introduction
2.0   Past Space Stations
2.1   The Soviet Salyut One
2.2   The Soviet MIR
2.3   United States Skylab
3.0   The International Space Station
4.0   New Space Transportation Options
4.1    USA-Space X Dragon Manned
4.2   USA-Boeing Starliner
4.3   USA-NASA Orion
4.4    USA-Sierra Nevada-Dream Chaser
5.0    Space Stations Being Planned Now
5.1    Orbital Reef Space Station
5.2    Northrop Grumman’s Space Station
5.3    Nanoracks Space Station
5.4    Pioneer Station
6.0    New Technologies for Space Stations
6.1    Inflatable Structures
6.2    Growing Food in Space
6.3   Working in Space
7.0    New Space Station Usage Plans
8.0    The Deep Space Gateway
9.0    Latest Moon Base Plans
10.0  Russian Space Station Plans
11.0  Chinese Space Stations
11.1  China’s Current Space Station
11.2  China’s Plans for a Giant Space Station
12.0  Future Advanced Space Colonies
13.0  Summary
14.0  Bibliography

The Orbital Reef Space Station

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