Strange Tales From National Parks (Work in Progress)

Product Summary
Many strange stories come out of National Parks in the USA and around the world. Stories of Bigfoot, Aliens and UFOs, Cannibals, Werewolves, and much more. These myteries are all reported as true experiences

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What this book is all about:

National Parks here and abroad have an unusual numbers of strange, scary, and weird activities going on.

It may be because these areas cover some of the most hidden and still natural and undisturbed locations in the world.

These parks offer undisturbed areas where man does not intrude normally, and many activities can be hidden there.

The stories in this book are mostly by Park Rangers who spent years in the outback of these parks and tell of their unusual and sometimes very scary experiences.
I’ve divided up these stories mainly by types like missing persons, Bigfoot sightings, Aliens and UFOs and more.

Some experiences are so weird or unusual they were hard to categorize so they are in the chapter titled “Random Stories”.

From my own experiences camping the wilderness I know that you need to be prepared to the unexpected.

All of these stories were reported as true-but who is to say what the real truth is?
People Disappear in the Grand Canyon

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Missing People
2.1 Missing in the Smoky Mountains
2.2 Missing in the Grand Canyon
2.3 The Wailing Woman
3.0 Bigfoot and Wildmen
3.1 The Yucca Man of Joshua Tree
3.2 Kidnapped By Bigfoot
3.3 Huge Tree Uprooted   
3.4 A Dead Mountain Lion   
3.5 A Mt. Rainier Bigfoot Story  
3.6 Families Who See Bigfoot
4.0 Cannibals   
4.1 Badlands Cannibals   
4.2 Great Smoky Mountains Cannibals   
4.3 Feral Human Cannibals   
5.0 UFOs and Aliens   
5.1 Glowing UFO's   
5.2 Various UFO Sightings   
5.3 UFOS in Yellowstone   
6.0 International Stories   
6.2 Chilean Adventures   
6.3 A Beast In England   
6.4 The Russian Tundra   

6.5 China Lake Monster   
6.6 Chinese Park Rangers see Wildman   
7.0 Random Stories   
7.1 The Skin Changer   
7.2 Pele’s Curse at Volcanos National Park   
7.3 The Jersey Devil   
7.4 Strange Humanoid Steps   
7.6 Being Tracked By A Werewolf   
7.7 More Missing Persons 
7.8 The Yosemite Werewolf  
7.9 Rocky Mountain Neanderthals
8.0 Summary   
9.0 Bibliography   

Renderings of What Bigfoot Looks Like

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