Mystical and Magical Societies and Practitioners

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This book is a collection of societies around the world which focus on mystical and magical processes. Some of these areas are focused on individual practices, and organizations involved in these mystical approaches.

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The Theosophical Society

What this book is all about

This book a reference guide to mystical and magical orders around the world. Major religions are not the focus although I do in include some mystical organizations within some religions. These organizations include Jewish Kabbalah in Judaism, and the Sufis in Islam.

There are many societies around the world which don’t fall into the standard religious categories. Some are spiritual in nature, and the ones listed here are those which follow some types of mystical and/or spiritual practices or beliefs.

Many of these organizations subscribe to the beliefs that through our own efforts we can develop our spiritual abilities which can do amazing things.

The groups listed are also current and have active members in our world. You can find out contact and other information by searching them by name on the Internet.

I’ve also included some metaphysical organizations which also have spiritual goals but may also include a focus on the mystical.

There is also some history of the usage of psychedelic plants for spiritual and paranormal experiences. (Disclaimer: these can be very dangerous and should only be done with experienced practitioners.)

Not included are organizations who worship or follow Satan or the Devil.

The Table of Contents

1.0    Introduction   
2.0 Pre Nineteenth Century Mystics   
2.1    The Druids   
2.2     Ceremonial Magic
2.3    Witches of Many Different Types   
2.4    Jewish Kabbalah   
2.5    American Indian Shamans   
2.6    The Islamic Sufis   
2.6.1    Islamic Sufi Chishti Order   
2.7    Indian Yogic Traditions   
2.8    Shamanism   
2.9    Psychedelic Plant Experiences
3.0    19th Century Organizations   
3.1    Theosophical Society   
3.2    Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor   
3.3    Ordo Aurum Solis   
3.5    Santeria   
3.6    The Society of the Guardians
4.0    20th Century Organizations   
4.1    Temple of Set   
4.2    Fraternitas L.V.X. Occulta   
4.3    Servants Of The Light   
4.4    Illuminates Of Thanateros   
4.5    Fraternitas Saturni   
4.6    Ordre Reaux Croix   
4.7    Ordo Templi Orientis   
4.8    Builders Of The Adytum   
4.9    The Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship   
4.10   A∴A∴   
4.11   Order of the Temple of the Rosy Cross   
4.12   Mystic Tokes  
4.13   Metaphysical Societies
4.14   The Monroe Institute
4.15   The Church of Light
4.16   The Dragon Rouge
4.17   The Grey School of Wizardry
4.18    Odinic Rite
4.19   The Solar Lodge   
4.20   The Temple ov Psychick Youth   
4.21   The Typhoian Order   
5.0    Commonalities   
6.0    Summary   
7.0    Bibliograph

The Rosicrucians

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