More Out of Place Artifacts 

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This is the second book on strange and out of place Artifacts and includes many new ones I've found since the last book. These new ones are also truly amazing and make you really question the history of man and the Earth we are taught.

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The Antikythera Mechanism

What this Book is all about
I love investigating out of place artifacts. The idea that they exist in contradiction to many accepted theories of our history says to me that we don’t know the real history of humanity and the Earth that we thought we did.

My first book on the subject is titled “Strange Objects Which Should Not Exist” which I published in 2019. After it was done I kept reading articles on more out of place objects—some of which were recently discovered. I realized there was enough material that I need to work on a “Part 2” book on the same subject.

Some of these objects might be fraudulent, but the fact that so many objects of this type exist says to me that there is some reality to them.

In this book we cover some well-known and documented devices like the Antikythera Mechanism, and others which may be unknown to most of you.

I hope you enjoy reading about and considering these strange discoveries as much as I enjoyed researching them.

The Lady of Atlantis

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction   
2.0 The Mystery Stone (20th Century ?)   
3.0 The Kensington Runestone (1,362 A.D.)   
4.0 The Oklahoma Runestones (1,000 A.D. ?)   
5.0 The Maine Penny (1065 A.D.)   
6.0 The Tucson artifacts (790 A.D.)   
7.0 The Tamil Bell (500 Years Old)   
8.0 The Tecaxic-Calixtlahuaca head (200 A.D.)   
9.0 The Antikythera mechanism (87-205 B.C.)   
10.0 The Saqqara Bird (200 B.C.)   
11.0 The Baghdad Battery (2,000 Years Old)
12.0 The Gympie Pyramid (2,000 B.C.?)   
13.0 The Dendera Light (2,000 B.C. ?)   
14.0 Acambaro figures (2,500 B.C.)   
15.0 The High-Tech Genetic Disc (6,000 Years Old ?)   
16.0 An Extremely Complex Metal Object (7,000 B.C. ?)   
17.0 The Lady Of Atlantis (10,000 Year Old ?)   
18.0 Stone Embedded Three-Pronged Plug (100,000 Years Old)   
19.0 The Baigong pipes (150,000 Years Old)   
20.0 Altimura Man (170,000 Years Old ?)   
21.0 The Nampa Figurine (2 Million Years Old)   
22.0 The Guadalupe Woman (28 Million Years Old)   
23.0 Kingoodie artifact (50 Million Years Old)   
24.0 Human Footprints in Rock (150 Million Years Old)   
25.0 A Screw Object Hidden Inside Stone (300 Million Years Old)   
26.0 France-Tools in Rock (300 Million Years Old)   
27.0 Ancient Mechanical Objects (400 Million Years Old)   
28.0 The Meister Print (505-590 Million Years Old)   
29.0 Summary   

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