Moon Landings, Bases & Exploration (Work in Progress)

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Learn about building Moon Bases, the history or plans to build the, and exploration of the Moon. There will also be a space station orbiting the moon called the Lunar Gateway. What will we do with a long term presence on the Moon also?

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What this book is all about

What is the history of plans to build a base on the Moon and what are all the issues involved?

Where should the base be built and what will be do once we have long term habitation on the Moon?

And what are the latest plans for lunar rovers, communications, and other moon base systems?

My hope is that the reader will learn about all of the issues important to building a Moon Base to better understand what will be required.

You might even want to become a Moon Base resident!

The Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Earth and Lunar Environments   
2.1 The Moon Environment   
2.2 The Discovery of Ice at the Lunar Poles   
3.0 Legal Issues and Treaties on the Moon   
4.0 Requirements for Building Moon Bases   
5.0 Moon Bases in Science Fiction   
5.1 From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne   
5.2 The First Man in the Moon by H.G. Wells   
5.3 The Moon is a Harsh Mistress By Robert Heinlein   
5.4 The 2001 Movie Moon Base by Arthur C. Clarke   
5.5 Artemis By Andy Weir   
6.0 Early Moon Base Design Proposals   
6.1 Project Horizon   
6.2 Subsurface Moon bases   
6.3 The LESA Moon Base   
6.4 Underground Base Plan   
7.0 The First Moon Landings   
8.0 NASA’s Plans for Lunar Travel, Bases & More   
8.1 Unmanned Lander Plans   
8.2 The Deep Space Gateway   
8.3 Modern Lunar Lander Concepts   
8.4 SpaceX’s Starship Lunar Lander   
8.5 Settling the South Pole   
8.6 Far Side Bases   
9.0 Types of Moon Bases   
9.1 Using Lava Tubes   
9.2 Printing Buildings   
9.3 Underground Structures   
10.0 Lunar Space Suits   
11.0 Lunar Transportation   
13.0 Communications   
14.0 Mining Water Ice
15.0 Growing Food on the Moon   
16.0 Current Plans for NASA Moon Bases
17.0 Chinese and Russian Lunar Plans
17.1 Unmanned Lunar Lander Visits to the Farside
17.2 A Chinese and Russian Lunar Base
18.0 Additional Technologies Needed
Nuclear Power   
19.0 Schedules for Construction   
20.0 Atreus Countries, Companies, and Plans   
20.1 Space Launch System
20.2 The Orion Capsule   
20.3 Lunar Gateway Partners   
24.0 Moon Base Cost Estimates   
25.0 A Story of Building the Moon Base   
25.1 Early Moon Base Construction   
25.2 Main Shelter Construction   
25.3 Finishing the Shelter   
26.0 Types of People Needed   
27.0 Reasons for a Moon Base   
23.2 Scientific Research   
27.2 A Dry run for Visiting Mars   
27.3 Exploitation of Lunar Resources   
28.0 Moon Base Future Growth Plans   
29.0 Future Moon Structures   
30.0 Summary   
31.0 Bibliography   
32.0 Index   

The Lunar Gateway which will orbit the Moon

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