My Incredible Paranormal, Spiritual, and Out of the Box Experiences-An Autobiography 

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An autobiography of my incredible life. This includes an attack by a spirit, fighting a bear, many premonitional experiences, an enlghtenment experience, a picture of a ghost, memories before birth, and lots of other "out of the box" events.

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"Marty Ettington is a paradox. To live in the world of spirituality and the physical world of science and be cogent in both at the same time"--Doug

A Spirit photo in front of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem


What this Book is all about
Many of my friends who know me well and know some of my experiences insist I should write an autobiography because many people will find my stories fascinating.

My life has been about my spiritual, and paranormal explorations of the world, and studies of our universe. These views are discussed in over one hundred books; which is detailed near the end of this autobiography.

These stories include a spirit attacking me, many prophecies of mine-some of which saved my life. Also a fight with a bear in the wilderness and many other strange experiences which includes a spiritual enlightenment event, and specific memories from before my birth during, and just after it.

My education as an engineer at a top school has also led me to an analytical point of view about the world; but I’ve also remained open to new and “impossible” experiences without denying that they really happened. This has led me to a pretty unique point of view as a writer about many “out of the box” subjects which some professionals condemn as illusionary—but many individuals really experience.

The experiences of my life in this book should also give you a good idea of the circumstances which created the person I am today, and why I write the books that I do.

I’ve grouped my major life experiences mostly sequentially, but some things which took place over longer periods of time are grouped together. So there is some overlap in different chapters of my life. But you can see how all these topics blend together.

Opening Our Chakras is Part of Spiritual Development

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction
2.0 My First Memories
3.0 Being Born and My Early Life
4.0 An Analysis of My Consciousness before Birth
5.0 My Best Friend Euri
6.0 The Boy Scouts
7.0 My Childhood and Teen Years
8.0 Favorite Sport Skiing
9.0 Growing up a Christian
10.0 University and the Paranormal   
11.0 Being Attacked By a Spirit
12.0 An Analysis of the Spirit’s Attack
13.0 Friends Lee and Al
14.0 The Unification Church
15.0 A Vibrational Experience
16.0 My Premonitions   
17.0 An Analysis of the Premonitions
18.0 Living on My Own
19.0 Visiting Israel
20.0 My Working Life
21.0 Learning About my Jewish Ancestry
22.0 Becoming Born Again
23.0 Travel in the Wilderness
24.0 Flying and Other Sports
25.0 Middle Aged Life
26.0 My Son Neil
27.0 An Analysis of Consciousness and Physics
28.0 Meeting Janice
29.0 My Heart Valve Surgery
30.0 My Spiritual Heart Opening
31.0 An Analysis of the Heart Opening Experience
32.0 Why I Started to Write Books
33.0 The Genesis of my Most Important Books
34.0 Life Going Forward

Many Prophecy Experiences Including Avoiding a Plane Crash

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