The Microscopic World Inside and Around Us

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The Microscopic World is amazing in its diversity and complexity. This book explores, microscopic animals, cellular structures, viruses, atoms, sub atomic particles and much more. A real adventure into the strange inner world of extremely small things.
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What This Book is all about:

We live surrounded by an invisible world which affects our lives in many ways.

In this book we will take a journey from barely visible life, to cells, their structures, molecules, atoms, fundamental particles and even smaller.

We will explore not just the facts about this small world, but also try to unearth interesting facts to ponder too.

For example, what did paranormal investigators believe about the structure of atoms over one hundred years ago?

And what particles or forces might be smaller than the standard building block particles we know about today?

Also, what are the limitations of the standard model of subatomic particles?

There are many things in the microscopic world which you might not expect.

The journey from the small to the infinitely small starts here.

The Hemoglobin Molecule

The Table of Contents

1.0    Introduction   
2.0    History of Microscopic Exploration   
2.1     Rise of modern light microscopes   
2.2     Electron microscopes   
2.3     Scanning probe microscopes   
2.4    Particle Accelerators   
3.0    Microscopic Life   
4.0    Cells and Biology   
4.1    Plant and Animals Cells   
4.2    DNA-The Blueprint of Life   
4.3    Chromosomes   
4.4    Telomeres and Longevity   
5.0    Weird Facts About Viruses   
5.1    Practical Uses for Viruses   
6.0    Molecules   
6.1    The Most Important Molecules
6.2    The Largest Molecule Ever Made   
6.3     A Weird Molecule on Titan   
7.0    Atomic Structure   
7.1    The Main Atomic Components   
7.2    Electron Clouds   
7.3    Occult Chemistry   
7.4    Fusion Energy   
8.0    Sub Atomic Particles   
8.1    The Standard Model   
8.2    The Neutrino   
8.3    Problems with the Standard Model   
9.0    Is There Anything Smaller?   
9.1     The Theoretical Preon   
9.2     Vacuum Energy   
10.0    Summary   
11.0    Bibliography   

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