The God Like Powers Series

This series is based on my book "God Like Powers & Abilities" where I provided an overview of many spiritual powers.
In these individual powers books we go into more depth on the history, events, science, theories, and exercises to learn what each power
is all about and how we can learn to use it.  (Also see my earlier book titled "Prophecy: A History and How to Guide")

The God Like Powers Series: Human Invisibility By Martin K. Ettington

Is Human Invisibility for real? This is one of those powers that has
been reported throughout history but seems so fantastic that it sounds

This book provides a history of human invisiblity, many stories about
it occurring to different persons, current scientific research, and
exercises to teach you how to become invisible yourself

One historical story of invisibility as related in the Odyssey:

As Odysseus passed through the city, 'not one of the Phaeacians
could see him . . . for the great goddess Athene in her good will toward
him had hidden him in a thick cloud of darkness.'  Odysseus went straight through the court, 'still hidden by the cloak of darkness in which Athene had enveloped him, until he reached Arete and King Alcinous. Then did he lay his hands upon the knees of the queen, and at that moment that miraculous darkness fell away from him and he became visible.

Here are some of the Chapters:
  • The History of Human Invisibility
  • Historical Invisibility Stories & Writings
  • Invisibility in Science Fiction/Fantasy
  • Some Invisibility Pictures
  • Recent Invisibility Stories
  • Science and Invisibility
  • Camouflage
  • Ninjitsu Techniques
  • The Psychology of Invisibility
  • Hypnotic Trances
  • Spiritual Invisibility
  • Exercises to become Invisible
  • Miscellaneous Invisibility Items   
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The God Like Powers Series: Invulnerability and Shielding By Martin K. Ettington

In this book you will learn about the history of spiritual and psychic invulnerability and shielding. Theories of how this works are also covered.

Finally, a series of exercises is provided to help you in your spiritual development and to provide a path which will allow you to obtain these powers.

Was George Washington Invulnerable?:

There is a well known story of the Indian Chief , who confessed to Washington that at Braddock’s defeat he had fired his rifle at him seventeen times at short range without being able to touch him.

Here are some of the Chapters in the Book:

  • Personal Experience   
  • Historical Invulnerability Stories & Writings   
  • Stealth the Immortal   
  • Invulnerability Stories   
  • Ninjitsu Techniques   
  • My Thoughts on Invulnerability   
  • Spiritual Invulnerability
  • Energy Flows and Chakra Development   
  • Avoiding Accidents
  • Additional Exercises to Protect Yourself   

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The God Like Powers Series: Teleportation By Martin K. Ettington

In this book you will learn about what teleportation is, its history, current scientific experiments, stories of occurrences,
and exercises you can learn to teleport yourself.

Here are some of the chapters in the book:

  • What is Teleportation?   
  • Historical Teleportation Stories   
  • More Teleportation Stories   
  • An Alien Dematerialization?   
  • Confusing Astral Projection with Teleportation   
  • The Science of Teleportation   
  • Spiritual Teleportation   
  • Energy Flows and Chakra Development   
  • Teleportation Exercises   

A historical story of teleportation:

Gil Pérez was a Spanish soldier of the Filipino Guardia Civil who allegedly suddenly appeared in the Plaza Mayor of Mexico City (more than 9,000 nautical miles from Manila, across the Pacific) on October 24, 1593.

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The God Like Powers Series: Psychokinesis By Martin K. Ettington

Psychokinesis is more than just the ability to move objects.'

The full scope of this power involves the ability to affect all matter and time in our time and space continuum.

This is an incredible power which if harnessed can affect our world for good or evil.

Many examples of this ability have also been included in this book such as stories about Yuri Gellar—best known as the world’s greatest spoon bender.

Here are some of the chapters included in our review of Psychokinesis:

  • What is Psychokinesis?
  • History of Psychokinesis Research  
  • Psychokinesis Stories  
  • Spoon Bending Parties  
  • Are Poltergeists Really Psychokinesis Effects?  
  • Theories about Psychokinesis (PK)  
  • Harnessing Psychokinesis  
  • The Global Consciousness Project  
  • Web Bot Predictions  
  • A Spiritual Basis for Psychokinesis  
  • Energy Flows and Chakra Development  
  • Psychokinesis Exercises  
  • How To Build Your Telekinetic Skills  
  • Bending An Object  
  • Time Bending Exercises   

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The God Like Powers Series: Our Energy Body, Auras, and Thoughtforms By Martin K. Ettington

The energy body and vital forces are critical to learning how to enhance your health, vitality, develop spiritual abilities, and for focused spiritual development.

This book provides history, in depth explanations, theories on the energy body, and exercises to learn how to take full advantage of these capabilities yourself.

The chapters in the book include:

•    The Importance of the Energy Body   
•    The Human Aura in History   
•    A Spiritual Basis for Vital Forces   
•    The Energy Body in Theosophy   
•    Energy Channels   
•    The Chakras   
•    The Aura, and it’s Colors and Patterns   
•    Thoughtforms   
•    Kirlian Photography   
•    Energy Body Exercises   
•    Learning to See the Aura   
•    Meditation   
•    Energy Intake   
•    Thoughtform Exercises

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The God Like Powers Series: Volume1 Bundle By Martin K. Ettington

Get all of the first five books of this series on spiritual powers and abilities.
These books include:

  •     Human Invisibility
  •     Invulnerability and Shielding
  •     Teleportation
  •     Psychokinesis
  •     Our Energy Body, Auras, and Thoughtforms

Each book contains the following information:

  •     A History of the search for the ability
  •     Historical records and current cases of occurances
  •     Any relevant scientfic research
  •     Related information on this ability used in other places or situations like UFOs
  •     Exercises to help you learn this ability yourself

It is hard to find accurate information on these subjects and the author has experienced many
abilities himself, and done thorough research on the ones he hasn't.

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