All About Mars Journeys and Settlements 

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The manned mission to Mars will be the greatest exploration adventure of the 21st Century. What is the history of Mars explortion? And what missions have been proposed? What typs of space systems would be needed? And what are some concepts for Mars bases. There is a lot of information and plans about manned missions to Mars

Book 2 of The Living in Space Series

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A Mars  Spaceship Concept

What this book is all about

 A manned mission to Mars has been the dream of humanity at least since the nineteenth century when we first saw details of the surface and thought there might be canals filled with water there.

Here I’ve looked at the history of unmanned exploration of Mars over the last fifty plus years, proposed missions to Mars, Mars Settlements, and other major issues regarding traveling to and living on Mars. Some proposals have lots of details of proposed scenarios if you want to read all of the engineering and scientific analysis work.

I grew up in the 1960s when every kid in America was fascinated with the Space program and the Astronauts. I also watched not only the Apollo 11 moon landing, but all of the successive trips to the Moon and exploration of the surface. This may be a lot of the reason I became and Engineer, worked as NASA in Houston for several years, and applied to the Astronaut Program myself.

My previous books on space are titled “Designing and Building Space Colonies-A Blueprint for the Future” and “All about Moon Bases-And Our Plans to Return to the Moon”. This book is written from a similar perspective.

There are some probes which reported life on Mars and then other scientists questioned the results. We are still sending unmanned probes today to try to answer those questions.

These three books will comprise the first three of my “Living in Space” series of books.

A Mars Base and Greenhouse

The Table of Contents

1.0      Introduction   
2.0      Facts About Mars   
2.1      Significant Planetary Facts   
2.2      The Two year cycle   
3.0      Mars Unmanned Satellites and Landers   
3.1      Mars 1M spacecraft   
3.2      Mariner program   
3.3      Viking program   
3.4      Mars Pathfinder   
3.5      Mars Global Surveyor   
3.6      Mars Odyssey and Mars Express   
3.7      MER and Phoenix   
3.8      Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter   
3.9      Rosetta and Dawn swing-by’s   
3.10    Fobos-Grunt   
3.11    Curiosity rover   
3.12    MAVEN   
3.13    Mars Orbiter Mission   
3.14    Trace Gas Orbiter and EDM   
3.15    InSight and MarCO   
4.0      How to Travel to Mars   
4.1      Months Long Journeys   
4.2      Nuclear Thermal Rockets
4.3      Concerns on the Trip to Mars   
5.0      Proposals for Journeys to Mars   
5.1      20th Century Proposals   
5.2      21st Century Proposals   
5.3      SpaceX and Elon Musk   
6.0      Mars Settlements   
6.1      Creative Settlement Designs   
6.2      The Homestead Project   
6.3      Sub lake Settlements   
6.4      Mars Colony in a Lava Tube   
6.5      Plans for First Manned Landing Launches   
7.0      Necessary Life Support Systems   
8.0      Psychological Issues   
9.0      Radiation Protection   
10.0    Commercial Aspects   
10.1    Economics   
10.2    Economic drivers   
11.0    Mars Cycler Ideas   
12.0    Does Mars have Life on it?   
13.0    Sci Fi and Fantasy Books About Mars   
13.1    Edgar Rice Burroughs   
13.2    The Mars Series-Kim Stanley Robinson   
13.3    The Martian By Andy Weir   
14.0    Summary   
16.0    Index   

A Mars Concept Mission Base

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