We Live in a Malleable Reality-and We Can Change It

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Research and experiences of prophecy, time travel, dimensional transfers, quantum physics, and much more are in this book as well as techniques for mastering our influences over reality
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What this book is all about

I’ve had many paranormal experiences in my life and some pretty cool spiritual enlightenment experiences too. This has given me a good understanding of the spiritual development process and the development of paranormal abilities as a side effect.

I’m also and Engineer with a lot of Physics mixed in to my education so I have a pretty good understanding of the conventional views of engineering and science as taught in our universities.

My fascination with the unusual and unknown also led me to write about off the wall subjects like the paranormal, time travel, and moving between dimensions. The research I did convinced me that these strange and weird phenomena do exist and are not fantasies.

All of these factors have led me to this book which has the goal of better understanding the Universe we live in, and how we can change the reality we live in through our willpower and beliefs.

My numerous experiences and research have led me to conclude that although we may think we live in a stable Universe—that is a big misunderstanding. The more I learn the more convinced I am that the Universe is much more complicated than we ever thought.

In this book I want to show you the reader that the stable reality we take for granted does not exist and we can manipulate many more things than we ever thought possible.

The more I learn, the more I realize that our Universe is a much more mysterious place than we ever thought.

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction    
2.0 The Limits of Our Knowledge    
Part One-Hidden Aspects of Reality    
3.0 Premonitions and Prophecy    
3.1 My Intuitions    
Additional Experiences of Intuition and Prophecy    
4.0 Time Travel Interface
4.1 Visiting Versailles in the Past
4.2 Bold Street, Liverpool, England    
4.3 Sir Victor Goddard    
5.0 Stories of Multiple Dimensions    
5.1 A Vanishing Road    
5.2 Swap with Self    
5.3 The Man from Taured    
6.0 Quantum Mechanics    
7.0 Holes in Reality    
8.0 The Underlying Spirit of the Universe    
Part Two-Change Yourself and the World    
9.0 Thoughtforms and Visualizations    
9.1 Thoughtforms    
9.2 My Radiation Shelter    
10.0 Changing Our Futures    
10.1 Learning to Meditate or Pray Deeply    
10.2 Visualizing the Future    
10.3 Checking the Future for Problems    
11.0 Surviving Impossible Situations    73
11.1  Prisoners Escaped and Walked 4,000 Miles    
11.2 Odette Sansom 1942-1945 in Captivity    
11.3 Ernest Shakelton’s Voyage to the South Pole    
12.0 Spiritual and Energy Healing    
13.0 Spiritual Development and Psychic Abilities    
13.1 The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali    
13.2 How Superhuman Abilities work    
13.3 The Path to Supernormal Abilities    
14.0 Summary    
15.0 Bibliography    

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