Records of Extremely Long Lived Persons

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Here are a series of records of extremely long lived persons from my research all over the world.

You will be amazed at the number and types of people from all countries who are in some of these records.
Some are still living


Shirili Mislimov lived to 167 Years Old

He is just one example of long lived people around the world. Read about his life in details and others.

Here is the Table of Contents:

Chapter 1-Introduction:   
Chapter 2-General Records of Long Lived People   
Chapter 3: Christian Jacobsen Drakenberg   
Chapter 4: Thomas Parr   
Chapter 5: Zaro Ağa Mutki   
Chapter 6: Shirali Mislimov   
Chapter 7: Javier Pereira   
Chapter 8: Turinah   
Chapter 9: Antisa Khvichava   
Chapter 10: Li-Ching Yung   
Chapter 11: Trailanga Swami   
Chapter 12: The Oldest Man Alive Today?   
Chapter 13: Summary   

Historical Life Expectancies:

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