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This book is all about Levitation. Historical witnessing of levitation experiences, fake and Fakir levitating, and how you can spiritually develop to do this yourself.

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Saint Cupertino

What this book is all about

This is another book in my continuing “The God Like Powers Series”.
In this book we cover the paranormal ability of levitation. Levitation has been reported throughout history from stories of Christian Saints, Indian Gurus, and many more people.

Levitation has also been subject to many fakes by mediums, and Indian Fakirs. However, there do seem to many legitimate stories of levitation experiences.

The book also includes instructions on learning how to do Levitation yourself.

As I state in my other books, paranormal abilities are really the side effects of spiritual growth. So the techniques provided in this book are all about learning to meditate and the things you can learn to do once you know how to meditate deeply.

The Table of Contents

1.0    Introduction   
2.0    The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali   
3.0    The History of Levitation   
4.0    Well Known Levitators   
4.1    Christianity   
4.2    Buddhism   
4.3    Gnosticism   
4.4    Hinduism   
5.0    Levitation By Mediums   
6.0    More Levitation Hoaxes   
7.0    Learning to Levitate Yourself   
8.0    Another Levitation Experience and Instructions 
9.0    Summary 
10.0  Bibliography   
11.0  Index

Jesus Walking on the Sea of Galilee

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