Use Intuition and Prophecy To Improve Your Life-By An Adept

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Intuition and Prophecy are real phenomena and these are skills you can develop and use yourself. You can avoid danger and pick different paths in your future. Learn the history, how these abilities work, and how they can change your life to be better.

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What This Book is About

Welcome to this book about intuition and prophecy. My first book on the Topic was over ten years ago and is titled “Prophecy: A History and How to Guide”. That one was a general overview of the topic. This book is much more focused on how intuition and prophecy skills can be used to improve your life.

So what are intuition and prophecy and why are they important? These two things are spiritual abilities which we all have and allow us to see outside of the present. Like athletes some of us have more natural abilities than others. However, we can train and exercise our abilities to improve our lives. Prophecy is a more advanced form of intuition and has been used throughout history.

Intuition is more about being immediately aware of what or who is around us while Prophecy is focused specifically on the future.

While intuition is more immediate it too can be very useful. In fact all spiritual abilities can help or hinder our lives. This is true of any physical or mental abilities.

I’ve also included a lot of information on the history of prophecy and research into the paranormal to show that people have been aware of these subjects throughout history and in modern times they have been researched by scientists.

Lastly, I want to say that like learning anything new there are things to watch out for, but like all things we do there are risks and rewards.Hoping you enjoy this material and the stories related here.

The Ability to Avoid Accidents

The Ability to see the Future is Real

I’m one of those persons who has had visions of the future for most of my life.

Some of them were very vivid and happened exactly as I saw them. Once I was meditating and was in the middle of a surf board accident in Cape Cod in  the summer of 1976. Two weeks later it happened exactly as I saw it.

Other events were part of my dreams for years. I must have had ten dreams during the previous several years about being in a tropical resort when a huge Tsunami hit. After the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004 my dreams stopped.

I also had very dark feelings several times about buying a plane ticket to Spain in 1998. With a difficult force of will I didn’t buy the tickets even though I wanted to be with my family very much. The Swissair plane I would have probably been on crashed in Newfoundland Sept 2, 1998. The day I thought would be my death.

These events and many others are some of the reasons I wrote this book on Prophecy.
I read and studied deeply on the subject in addition to my own experiences and believe that I am not unique.

In my book you will read about:
  • The Author’s experiences with visions and dreams of the future     which came true
  • How our eternal spirit is the gateway to past, present, and future
  • Learn how to make your own Prophecies
  • How you can also control your future to make it what you want
  • Famous Historical Prophets and what they foretold
  • Psychics Like Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce who both  predicted the rise of Hitler and World War 2
  • How modern science is harnessing consciousness to see the future
  • * Theories on how Prophecy really works
Additional Benefits of  Learning Prophecy are:
  • You will learn to avoid accidents. I’ve had many experiences where I avoided accidents a few seconds to weeks into the future by being tuned to your personal future.
  • You will learn to see major future events. When you are attuned to the future and you keep dreaming about the same event, you will know it is a real big potential event.
  • You will be able to tell other’s futures by projecting yourself forward into their time stream.

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction   
2.0 What Intuition & Prophecy Can Do For You   
a. Better decision making   
b. Keeping You Safe   
c. Your Personal Life   
d. Professional Life   
3.0 The History of Prophecy   
a.    Judaism   
•    Moses:   
•    Abraham:   
b.    Christianity   
•    A Biblical Prophet’s Life   
•    Jesus   
•    Noah   
•    Ezekiel   
•    Samuel   
•    Revelation   
c.    Islam   
d.    Bahai   
e.    Amerindian   
•    Sioux Prophets:   
•    Hopi Prophecies:   
f.    Mayan/Aztec:   
g.    Nostradamus   
•    Death of Henry II   
•    The Rise of Hitler:   
h.    Edgar Cayce   

4.0 The Scientific Study of the Paranormal   
Kirlian Photography   
5.0 How I learned About the Paranormal   
6.0 The Source of These Abilities   
7.0 The Reality of the Spirit   
8.0 Stories of My Major Premonitions   
a.    Visions   
b.    Warnings of Danger   
•    Detroit   
•    At the Border in El Paso   
•    Planning a Trip to Spain   
c.    A few Seconds Ahead   
d.    Dreams of Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004   
9.0 Additional Stories of Intuition and Prophecy   
a. Experiences about 9/11/2001   
b. A Strong Intuitional Experience   
10.0 Premonitional Feelings   
11.0 Develop Your Own Abilities   
a.    Learning to Meditate or Pray Deeply   
b.    Visualizing the Future   
c.    Checking the Future for Problems   
d.    Harold Sherman’s Insights   
e.    Learning to Predict Major and World Happenings   
Chapter 12: Using Prophecy in your life   
a.    Avoiding Accidents   
b.    Controlling your Future   
13.0 The Probability of the Future   
14.0 How to Ask Questions   
15.0 Summary   
16.0 Bibliography   
17.0 Index   
18.0 Appendix A: Potentially Fatal Situations I Survived   

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