Building and Stocking a Nuclear Shelter for Under $10,000 

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All about a nuclear survival shelter the author built and stocked for less than $10,000  It is a true story and discusses and reviews the whole process.

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What This Book is About

Building Shelters to protect individuals and their families from emergency situations has become extremely popular in the United States.

I have my own experience of building a nuclear bomb shelter in 2002 and stocking it with supplies. I did it for less than $10,000 and thought you would all be interested in how I did it for so little money.

I’m also a nuclear engineer and used my knowledge and some websites to calculate how I could keep my family safe in a shelter even if a Nuclear Bomb went off just five to ten miles away.

There are many reasons to build a shelter besides preparing for a nuclear event. I hope this short manual provides you some useful guidance in your efforts to do this and save money.

Table of Contents

1.0    Introduction   
2.0    Why Build a Shelter?   
3.0    Choosing the Site   
4.0    Designing and Visualizing the Shelter   
4.1    The Physical Design   
4.2    Radiation Calculations   
5.0    Be Your Own Contractor   
5.1     Digging and Building the Structure   
6.0    Finishing the Shelter   
7.0    Stocking the Shelter   
8.0    Shelter Maintenance   
9.0    Shelter Changes and Expansion   
10.0    Summary   
11.0    Bibliography   

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