Physical Immortality: A History and How to Guide

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Covers the history of Immortality, long lived persons, and how to become physically immortal. Goes into Spiritual, Energy Body, and Physical bodies. Provides practices, exercises, advice, and supplements to live a long life.


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There are no limits to the length of your life if you adopt certain spiritual practices, exercises, and supplements.
You too can become Physically Immortal
Extending your life to 150 years and beyond is
within everyone’s reach

I had an experience at age four where I met a man at a glider field and for some reason I said to him “Are you the man who never dies?”. He didn’t laugh at me but gave me a very strange look. I’ve since learned that an immortal 500-1000 years old supposedly lives in that area.

When I started reading books about highly developed adepts many years ago, the books also mentioned spiritually advanced immortals who lived many lifetimes.

This was a fascinating idea to me and fueled my interest in the subject since then.

Over many years I’ve read books and websites on immortality, learned many spiritual and energy practices,  and I finally came to a theory of immortality which has been validated by much of what I’ve learned.

This book goes into the history of Immortality, shows many examples of very long lived persons, then presents the theory and practices of how one can extend their life indefinitely.

Some of these Chapters provide Spiritual Practices, exercises, and supplements to help you live forever.

Advice is also given on attitudes and abilities to avoid accidents to help you in your quest for immortality.

A Quote from a satisfied reader:

I am reading your books, they are very good—Leonard Orr—-(World famous immortalist, lecturer, and writer—He has been teaching about immortality, rebirthing, and removing the death urge for over forty years.)

Read about these persons who lived to ripe old ages & more:

Shirali Mislimov, 168, Died 1973, in Azerbaijan, USSR
Henry Jenkins, 169, died 1670, in Yorkshire England
Baba Harainsingh, 176, died 1952, in India
Kentigren, 185, died 5 Jan. 600 A.D. in Scotland.
    Founder of Glasgow Abbey
Thomas Carn, died age of two hundred and seven years.
LI CHING-YUN: The Longest Lived person of record-256 Years

Or what about one of the Immortal Masters—Babaji who some claim has
been around for 9000 years

LI CHING-YUN: The Longest Lived person of record-256 Years
(Source-The New York Times-May 6, 1933)

Why should you listen to me ?

1) My theory of immortality is also born out by what some very old persons over the age of 150 years say about why they lived so long
2) Much of the source material I used gives similar reasons for how to extend life indefinitely.
3) I’ve studied the paranormal most of my life and have seen the effects of spiritual and energy practices on the health of myself and others
4) Have belonged to multiple societies of adepts and paranormal study including the Rosicrucians, The Theosophical Society, and the American Society of Psychical Research
5) As a long term student of enlightenment I know that a long and healthy life is linked to a person’s spiritual enlightenment.
5) Am student of oriental practices such as Qi-Gong and other energy enhancement techniques.
6) As an engineer I’m used to analyzing data and making conclusions based on it.

A Quote from another satisfied reader:

Read your book at Lakeshrine; it's phenomenal!!!  Most comprehensive
well-researched book I've read on the subject, and I think I've read most of them out there.  Inspiring examples of long lived people!  —Lynn Peterson, Immortalist

What you will learn from this Book:
  • You will learn about the history of the search for immortality
  • Many case histories are given of long lived persons over the age of 150 years old
  • Stories of many other persons who may have lived thousands of years
  • Long lived Plants and animals
  • What Science says about the search for longevity
  • A Theory about how your physical health relates to your spiritual health
  • Practices to grow spiritually and increase your vital forces
  • Practices to improve your health and longevity
  • Supplements to improve your body’s health and longevity
  • How to avoid accidents
  • And much much more…..

Does Physical Immortality really exist? And is it only for a chosen few or can anyone become an Immortal? The Reality is amazing and in many ways more simple than you can imagine.

Some of the Table of Contents Below:

*  Long Lived Persons and Immortals
*  Long Lived Plants and Animals
*  What current Science says about Longevity
*  Your Spiritual, Energy, and Physical Bodies
*  Breaking the Habit of Dying
*  Spiritual Growth Practices
*  Practices and Exercises for your Body
*  Herbs and Foods
*  Avoiding Accidents
*  Seven Beliefs to Help Life Extension
*  Creating your own Path to Immortality
The concept of the Spiritual development exercises and physical exercises is that they help increase the synchronization of these bodies.

Also, by bringing the absolute peace and stillness of the Spirit down into the Energy and Physical bodies you increase the perfection and health of those bodies.

This is since in the normal course of events the stresses of our life cause more randomness or entropy in our energy and physical bodies.

Why this book is a great value

"Physical Immortality: A History and How to Guide" is a great value since it is a much more extensive study of this subject than anything else on the market.

I also provide much more practical advice on how to extend your life than anyone else.

Other books that provide anything similar sell for $67 USD or more. My book is a bargain compared to them especially considering what you get.

In fact, I’ve been considering raising prices significantly due
to the value of this material.
You should buy now before the prices double.

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