Survival of Humanity Throughout the Ages 

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How did Humanity Survive when millions of other species have gone extinct? What was the importance of Fire, Dogs, animal domestication, crops, and more. A study of what Man has developed to live in a hostile world.  Includes lots of primitive weapons you can build.

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What This Book is About

Many millions of species have existed in Earth’s past. What distinguishes those which survive like humanity and those who don’t survive?

And what is it about Man’s ability to survive which has made us the dominant mammals on Earth?

In this book we look at the things man has done uniquely to succeed. This includes the use of fire for all of our existence as Home Sapiens and much of our history as hominids.

How have we survived floods, the ice age, huge volcanos and other disasters? And what about the development of weapons which made us better able to conquer other predators and provide food in a much better way?

The combination of fire and weapons has given us an incredible edge in the survival or our species. Domesticated Animals and Plants also gave people a huge advantage in survival.

This book examines what we know about human survival over the ages and how it has led us to where we are today.

The Biggest Survival Skill-Prehistoric Men Around a Fire

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction   
2.0 How Fire Improved Survival   
3.0 Human Survival in 80,000 B.C.   
4.0 Surviving in Different Climates   
4.1 Living in Jungles   
4.2 Pacific Islander Civilization   
4.3 Living at High Altitudes   
4.4 Living in Deserts   
4.5 Living in the Arctic   
5.0 Basic Weapons for Hunting and Protection   
5.1 The Club   
5.2 The Throwing Stick   
5.3 The Stone Sling
5.4 The Spear
5.5 The Atlatl
6.0 Domestication of Animals   
7.0 Domestication of Plants   
8.0 The Younger Dryas 12,000 + years ago   
9.0 Surviving Floods and Possibly the Deluge   
10.0 Survival of Western Civilization   
11.0 Survival of Epidemics   
12.0 Survival of Humanity during the Cold War   
13.0 Humanity’s Use of Intuition   
14.0 Why We Like TV Shows about Survival   
15.0 Summary   

Domestication of Animals Helped with Food and Survival

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