How to Survive Anything From the Wilderness to Man Made Disasters 

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A book on survival skills. How to prepare for emergencies, how to find shelter, food, and make fire in the wilderness. Also about the psychology of surviving and using your intuition. Includes Desert, Arctic, Ocean, Nuclear Survival, and the collapse of civilization

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What This Book is About

I recently wrote a book titled “33 Incredible Real Life Survival Stories” which caused my amazement at how people have the persistence to live when confronted by dangerous and deadly situations. I’m an old student of survival. First in my experiences with the Boy Scouts, and then my experiences as an adult backpacker and general sports activities.

There are other books out there by Special Forces operators and they prescribe lots of useful information. In this book I’ve included a lot of that type of survival information, but I also wanted to take a little different approach.

The Boy Scouts have been part of my life since I was a kid. I was a Cub Scout, a Boy Scout. A scouting Eagle Scout, and later Scoutmaster, and Assistant Scoutmaster. Later on I also became a member of the Knoxville, Tennessee Rescue Squad, and a Private Pilot among many other things.

There is something to be said about the gradual acquiring of knowledge about survival and how it applies to how we live our lives. So I’ve taken that approach in this book—starting with morals, principles, and the spiritual aspects of survival, to the practical knowledge, and then how that information can be generalized to most situations.

You can also bet that most military survival experts, Seals, and other Special Forces were probably Boy Scouts growing up too.

Most of them got their basis for survival skills and leadership skills in the Boy Scouts. The Scout Motto is “Be Prepared” and planning ahead is essential for surviving unexpected situations. Therefore, in this book we will give you a lot of lists of things you should get as emergency supplies and what skills to know to survive.
The things you will learn about in this book are much of what we learned in the Scouts but we will be taking a deeper cut into the details.

A Solar Still for Water

Table of Contents

1.0    Introduction   
2.0    Situations I have survived   
3.0    How Ancient Man and Primitives Survive   
4.0    Basic Principles of Survival   
5.0    General Preparations and Supplies   
5.1    Bug Out Bags for Emergencies   
5.2    Emergency Supplies at Home   
5.3    Emergency Preparedness Kit for the Car   
6.0    Spiritual Aspects of Survival   
6.1    Your Spiritual Attitude   
6.2    Using Your Intuition For Safety   
7.0    What the Boy Scouts Teach   
7.1    A Moral Compass and Leadership   
7.2    Required Merit Badges   
7.3    Basic Survival Skills   
7.4    More Advanced Survival Skills   
8.0    Surviving Wild Animal Encounters   
9.0    More About Wilderness Survival   
9.2     Finding Water   
9.2    Building a Fire   
9.3    Trapping Animals
9.4    Primitive Fishing   
9.5     62 Types of Edible Plants   
10.0    Surviving in the Arctic   
10.1    Igloo Building   
10.2    Quinzhee   
10.3    Snow Cave   
10.4    Melt Snow and Ice for Water   

10.5    Some Winter Camping Tips   
11.0    Surviving At Sea   
12.0    Jungle Survival   
12.1    Finding Water   
12.2    Getting Food   
12.3    Building Shelter   
12.4    Avoiding Dangers   
12.5    Getting out of the Jungle   
13.0    Surviving a Nuclear Holocaust   
14.0    Surviving the Collapse of Civilization   
15.0    Summary   
16.0    Bibliography  

A Wiki Up Shelter

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