Building Hope and Wonder from Chaos

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Many people have lost Hope in their lives. Here is a plan to build hope and wonder in your life in 30 days. Exercises and to do actions are included also as well as many quotes on the topics from famous persons

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What this Book is all About

This book provides thirty days of ideas to build your hope and to allow you to develop a sense of wonder about the world we live in.

I’ve written over one hundred books on a variety of topics from the paranormal, to self-help books, survival, and much more.

I also occasionally get premonitions about danger, and many other events in my life. Recently I received an intuition to write about “Hope”.

After meditating on this topic I realized that this is a big concern of many people in our chaotic world. With the Pandemic, violence, inflation, and general stress of our world we all need new insight into having Hope in our lives.

Interestingly, many of the topics I’ve researched and written about can also provide hope and new paradigms for people.

The more I’ve experienced, researched, and written on many different “Out of the Box” topics, the more I’ve achieved a state of amazement and wonder about our Universe.

We live in a truly amazing Universe and realizing this deeply will help our attitudes about our lives.

The Chapters in this Book:

1.0 Introduction   
2.0 Many People Have Lost Hope   
3.0 The Importance of Hope   
4.0 Build Hope and Wonder in Thirty Days   
4.1 What is Your Life Purpose?   
4.2 Build a Spiritual Connection   
4.3 Get Rid of a Victim Mindset   
4.4 You Can Affect Your Reality   
4.5 Positive Actions You Can Take   
4.6 Connect with Others  
4.7 Lean on those closest to you   
4.8 The World is Not Ending   
4.9 Work on your Self-esteem and Self-worth   
4.10 You Will Not Answer all Questions   
4.11 Be a Source of Hope for Others   
4.12 Little Things Make Life Worth Living   
4.13 Overcoming Pessimism   
4.14 There are No Hopeless Situations   
4.15 Change is a Good Thing   
4.16 The More We Know the More There is to Learn   
4.17 Learn to Express Your Creativity   
4.18 The Importance of Family Relationships   
4.19 Exercise is Good for Mental Health   
4.20 The Importance of an Open Mind   
4.21 Truth and Happiness Are Linked   
4.22 Find Work Which is Fulfilling   
4.23 Develop Your Own Sense of Wonder   
4.24 Having Unconditional Love in Your Life   
4.25 We are All Here for a Reason   
4.26 We Can Choose Our Future Paths   
4.27 Experience Your Infinite Consciousness   
4.28 Write a Book and Feel Better Too   
4.29 Four Truths About Your Future   
4.30 We All Have Incredible Potential   
5.0 Summary   
6.0 Bibliography   


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