Hollow and Inner Earth Stories and Facts (Work in Progress)

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What is the Hollow Earth? And what stories are there of underground civilizations? Did you know that the Hopis have a legend that their people came from underground? Lots of stories on this topic and some facts about life underground too.

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What this Book is all about

This book is about legends of the Hollow Earth and other underground cities and civilizations.

The concept of there being a hollow Earth or inner area of the Earth where people have lived and do now has been around for hundreds of years.

Other stories and legends of underground cities are also discussed to show that there are many stories of people and other beings living underground in our past and maybe up until the present era.

Usually there is some fact as the basis for legends so all these stories make we wonder if there is some reality about civilizations existing underground on this Earth. These legends are geographically diverse and from different cultures so maybe there is something to them.

Near the end of the book I include some incredible science data about life actually existing miles under our Earth and an example of a real underground city we know about and have visited.

Derinkuyu-An Ancient Underground City

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction
2.0 History of the Hollow Earth
3.0 The Origin of the Hopis
4.0 Pytheas-An Early Polar Explorer
5.0 Olaf Jansen and His Father
6.0 John Cleves Symmes Jr. Theory
7.0 Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd
8.0 Journey to the Center of the Earth
9.0 Agartha-Center of the Earth
10.0 Deros Underground Civilization
11.0 An Underground City Under Mt. Shasta
12.0 Death Valley’s Underground City
13.0 Underground City in the Grand Canyon
14.0 Ancient City Under Missouri
15.0 Corey Goode on Visiting the Inner Earth
16.0 Shamballa Inside the Earth
17.0 Life Does Exist Deep in the Earth
18.0 The City of Derinkuyu
19.0 Summary
20.0 Bibliography

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