The History of Science Fiction and Fantasy and Summaries of Great Books to Read 

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This is a detailed history of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Written from my perspective of having read literally thousands of these types of novels and stories. Many writers and their best works are included. Whether you are new or old to these genres you will learn about a lot of great books which will be fun to read.

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The Foundation Series By Isaac Asimov

What This Book is About

Whether you are new to Science Fiction or have been reading this genre for years, I hope you will have as much fun reading this book as I had writing it.

In this history I’ve tried to include the best known authors and their most famous and interesting works. Many of these stories are groundbreaking. Some launched new sub genres, and some talked about technology which is now real or being developed. I have read almost all of the novels mentioned here.

I’ve also summarized various great novels throughout this book. These are stories you will enjoy reading. They might be examples of the changing genres, or just really good yarns. There are a lot of stories I love in the sci fi and fantasy realm and I hope you like them too.

I’ve literally read thousands of science fiction and fantasy books over the years. Starting in the 1960s up until today. Some of the stories I’ve read have made significant marks on my life. My degree in engineering is also probably a result of my interests in science and technology from growing up reading the wonder the vastness of these stories. Here are many of the best books I’ve read and enjoyed.

The Dune Series  By Frank Herbert

Table of Contents

1.0     Introduction   
2.1    Stories from Older Times   
2.2    The Epic of Gilgamesh   
2.3    The Odyssey By Homer   
2.4    Beowolf An English Epic Poem   
2.5    One Thousand and One Nights   
2.6    Dante’s Inferno By Dante Alighieri
2.7    The Tempest-By Shakespeare   
2.8    Rip Van Winkle By Washington Irving   
3.0    19th Century Authors   
3.1    Frankenstein By  Mary Shelley   
3.2    A Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens   
3.3    A Connecticut Yankee By Mark Twain   
3.4    20,000 Leagues Under the Sea By Jules Verne   
3.5    The Time Machine By H.G. Wells   
4.0    Early Science Fiction Magazines   
4.1     Hugo Gernsback-The Father of Science Fiction   
4.2     Analog Magazine- John W. Campbell   
5.0    Early 20th Century Authors   
5.1    The Cthulhu Mythos- H.P. Lovecraft   
5.2    Lest Darkness Fall By L. Sprague De Camp   
5.3    The Big Time By Fritz Leiber   
5.4    The Lord of the Rings By J. R. R. Tolkien   
5.5    Conan the Barbarian By Robert E. Howard   
5.6    The Lensman Series By E.E. Doc Smith   
5.7     Brave New World by Aldous Huxley   
5.8     The Star Maker by Olaf Stapleton   
6.0    Mid 20th Century Authors   
6.1    2001 By Arthur C. Clarke   
6.2    The Foundation Series By Isaac Asimov   
6.3    Stranger in a Strange Land By Robert A. Heinlein   
6.4    The Gateway Series By Frederick Pohl   
6.5    Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury   
6.6    Waystation By Clifford D. Simak   
6.7    Supermind By A.E. Van Vogt
6.8    The Man in the High Castle By Phillip K. Dick   
6.9    Search the Sky By C.M. Kornbluth   
6.10    The Majipoor Series By Robert Silverberg   
6.11    The Humanoids By Jack Williamson   
6.12    The Witch World Series By Andre Norton   
6.13    Battlefield Earth By L. Ron Hubbard   
6.14    The Stars My Destination By Alfred Bester   
6.15    The City on the Edge of Forever By Harlan Ellison   
6.16    Mission of Gravity By Hal Clement   
6.17    The Last Castle By Jack Vance   
6.18    The Dune Saga By Frank Herbert   
6.19     The Saga of the Pliocene Exile by Julian May   
6.20    Tau Zero By Poul Anderson   
6.21    Cities in Flight by James Blish   
6.22     Agent of Chaos by Norman Spinrad   
7.0    Additional Trends Science Fiction and Fantasy   
7.1    The Growth of Fantasy   
7.1.1    The Dragon Riders of Pern By Anne Mcaffrey   
7.1.2    The Discworld Series By Terry Pratchett   
7.1.3    The Shannara Series Terry Brooks   
7.1.4    The Xanth Series By Piers Anthony   
7.1.5    The Wizard of Earth Sea Series By Ursula Le Guin   
7.1.6    The Chronicles of Amber By Roger Zelazny   
7.17    More Than Human By Theodore Sturgeon   
7.2     The Influence of Ebooks and AudioBooks
7.3    Cyberpunk   
7.3.1     Neuromancer by William Gibson   
8.0    Late 20th Century Authors   
8.1    The Ringworld Series By Larry Niven   
8.2    The Sword of Truth Series By Terry Goodkind   
8.3    The Culture Series By Iain Banks   
8.4    The Grand Tour Series By Ben Bova   
8.5    The Harry Potter Series By J.K. Rowling   
8.6    The Galactic Center Saga By Gregory Benford   
8.7    The Way Series By Greg Bear   
8.8    The Stainless Steel Rat Series By Harry Harrison   
8.9    The Time Ships By Stephen Baxter   
8.10    The Confederation Universe By Peter F. Hamilton   
8.11    The Forever War By Joe Haldeman   
8.12     The Riverworld Series by Phillip Jose Farmer   

8.13     The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton   
8.14     The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams   
8.15     Dragon’s Egg by Robert L. Forward   
8.16     The Ender Series by Orson Scott Card   
8.17     The Real Time/Bobble Series by Vernor Vinge   
8.18     The Mar’s Trilogy By Kim Stanley Robinson   
9.0    21st Century Authors   
9.1    Old Man’s War By John Scalzi   
9.2    The Schooled in Magic Series By Christopher Nuttall   
9.3    The Frontiers Saga By Ryk Brown   
9.4    Empire of the Bones Saga By Terry Mixon   
9.5    The Lost Starship Series By Vaughn Heppner   
9.6    The Slaver Wars By Raymond L. Weil   
9.7    The Starship Mage Series By Glynn Stewart
9.8    The Blood on the Stars Series By Jay Allen   
9.9    The Martian By Andy Weir   
9.10   The Spellmonger Series By Terry Mancour
9.11   The Emberverse Series by S.M Stirling
9.12   The Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons
9.13   Dust by Elizabeth Bear
9.14   The Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu
9.15   The Calculating Stars by Mary Robinette Kowal
9.16   The Fifth Season by Nora K. Jemisin
10.0    Comic Superheroes   
10.1    DC Comics   
10.2    Marvel Comics   
11.0    Juvenile Science Fiction   
11.1     Tom Swift Junior Series by Victor Appleton Jr.   
11.2     The Time Machine Series by Donald Keith   
12.0    Movie/TV Science Fiction   
12.1    Star Wars   
12.2    Star Trek   
12.3    The Aliens Movies   
12.4    The Stargate Universe   
12.5     The X-Men   
12.6      Avatar   
13.0    Popular Story Themes   
13.1     Time Travel Stories   
13.1.1    The Time Machine By H.G. Wells   
13.1.2    The Man Who Folded Himself By David Gerrold   
13.1.3    There Will Be Time By Poul Anderson   
13.2     Space Travel—Just a few good stories   
13.1.4    Have Spacesuit Will Travel by Robert Heinlein   
13.2.2     Neutron Star by Larry Niven   
13.2.3     Personal Freedom Parts 1 & 2 by Martin K. Ettington   
13.3     The Paranormal   
13.3.1     Witch World by Andre Norton   
13.3.2     The Psychic Soldier Series by Martin K. Ettington   
13.4     Space Opera   
13.4.1     The Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov   
13.4.2     Consider Phlebas by Iain M. Banks   
13.4.3     Dune by Frank Herbert   
13.5    Dystopian & Apocalyptic Futures   
13.5.1     Lucifer’s Hammer By Larry Niven   
13.6    Alternative History   
13.6.1    The Man in the High Castle By Phillip K. Dick   
13.6.2    The Calculating Stars by Mary Robinette Kowal   
13.7    Parallel Dimensions of Universes   
13.7.1    Visiting Many Universes By Martin K. Ettington   
13.7.2     The Star Maker by Olaf Stapleton   
13.8    Aliens and UFOs   
13.8.1    Childhood’s End By Arthur C. Clarke   
13.8.2    Gateway By Frederick Pohl   
13.8    Artificial Intelligence   
13.8.1    We Are Legion by Dennis Taylor   
13.8.2    Supertoys Last All Summer Long by Brian Aldiss   
13.9.3     I Robot by Isaac Asimov   
13.9    Military Conflicts and Wars   
13.9.1    Starship Troopers By Robert Heinlein   
13.9.2    The Forever War By Joe Haldeman   
13.9.3    Ark Royal By Christopher Nuttall
13.10    Social and Religious Ideas   
13.11.1 Agent of Chaos by Norman Spinrad   
13.11.2 The Last Question by Isaac Asimov   
13.11    Funny Stories and Series   
13.11.1 The Stainless Steel Rat by Harry Harrison   
13.11.2 The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams   
13.12    Immortals and Immortality   
13.13.1 The Boat of a Million Years by Poul Anderson   
13.13.2 Time’s Last Gift by Phillip Jose Farmer   
14.0    Future and Growing Theme Trends   
15.0    My Top Ten Recommended Novels   
16.0    Summary   
17.0    Bibliography   
18.0    Index   

The Tom Swift Jr. Children's Series

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